A New Look at Human Energy Cultivation By Sifu Dan Ferrera

 Qigong or “Energy Cultivation” is the ancient Oriental system of gathering, condensing
and circulating life force energy known as Qi or Prana through a unique system of
exercises involving breath control, body alignments and various meditation methods.
                                                                                                                                                                            There are literally thousands of individual Qigong systems and approaches to this ancient
art, but all of them serve the same essential purpose, the generation of bioelectrical
energy and circulation within the human body. In recent years, this mysterious energy has
become associated with the phenomenon of bioelectricity and the body’s electromagnetic
field. With all of the advancements in technology, scientists have been provided with new
tools for measuring some of this bioelectricity. Some of these include the (ECG) or
electro-cardiogram, the (EEG) or electroencephalogram and the (EMG) or
electromyogram, which measure the electrical activity in the heart, cerebral cortex and
skeletal muscles respectively.
 Therefore it should be readily apparent that if there were
not electrical energy in the human body, such medical tests would not be possible. There
have also been several studies conducted in the United States, Japan and China, which
have documented and measured the electromagnetic energy and infrared radiations
emanating from long term Qigong practioners.


Electromagnetic Field of the Human Heart
Now, we are provided with the following clues (1) Qigong or the science of energy
cultivation is associated with the act of deep breathing, (2) Practicing Qigong increases
this electromagnetic energy within the human body, (3) The human body is primarily
made of water approximately 70%, while the blood is about 90% water, (4) This bodily
fluid is also filled with several electro-conductive minerals such as copper, zinc, iron,
calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, etc.

Deep Breathing- When we breathe, the air we take into our lungs is electrically charged.
We are not just merely consuming oxygen when we breathe; we are actually charging our
body’s cells with electromagnetism. Our human cells are designed like tiny electrical
storage batteries with a positive pole in the nucleus and a negative pole in the cytoplasm.
The internal organs act almost like electric capacitors, capable of storing vast amounts of
bioelectric energy. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that deep breathing combined with
specific focus or intent would be beneficial to accumulating bioelectric energy. This is
exactly what our bodies require right down to the cellular level. In fact, the two most
important things to our daily survival are air and water neither of which have any
nutritional value whatsoever. How long can you live without breathing? Most people
believe that it is the oxygen that sustains us, but we breathe out CO2 (Carbon Dioxide),
which has the oxygen molecule attached to the carbon as a waste product. If the oxygen
is so important, why isn’t it used or burned up as a fuel source in our bodies? The
ancients believed that there was energy in the air that surrounds us, which they called Qi
(Key), Chi (Chee) or Prana. They also believed that one could learn to accumulate and
circulate this abundant energy within the body to improve ones health emotionally,
physically and spiritually. In my years of training experience, I have proven to myself
that this philosophy is 100% true and anyone who participates in my Qigong class for at
least 1-month will surely discover this as well.

Because deep breathing exercises are vital in the practice of Chi Gung, we must increase
your understanding of this mysterious process. The first thing that you must fully
understand is that we are all electromagnetic entities! Every single cell in our bodies is a
tiny electric storage battery and generator. Every organ is part of an electrical grid. We
live and breathe with electromagnetism. It is everywhere all around us. The air we inhale
is full of electromagnetism, as are the clothes and fabrics, which cover our bodies. Within
our bodies, this electricity flows through us like water through an extremely complex
network of river channels. The electrically charged (+ or -) air we take into our bodies
through breathing is our primary “nutrient” as all of our cells require this electric charge
in order to live. Unfortunately for most of us city folk, the cells require the right type of
charge or polarity. The problem lies in the fact that most of the air we breathe contains a
preponderance of positively charged ions. An ion is simply an atom or a group of atoms
that carry a positive or negative charge as a result of having gained or lost one or more
electrons. When an atom throws off an electron, it becomes positively charged, which has
a negative effect on people and animals. When an atom attracts or gains a free electron, it
becomes negatively charged and it is the negative ions, which have powerful beneficial
effects on the health of animals and humans. When you live near a city, or live a “modern
lifestyle” you breathe air that is primarily charged with harmful positive ions. This is
because steel and concrete absorb the beneficial negative ions like a sponge. Think of all
the concrete and steel that surround your environment (cars, buildings, roads, trains,
sidewalks, driveways, etc.). Furthermore, modern appliances such as clothing dryers,
televisions, computer screens, vacuum cleaners, etc. are very powerful positive ion
generating machines. Friction also produces these harmful ions through static charge.
Consider how much friction all the car tires rubbing against the road surface generate.
What about the clothes you pull out of the dryer? Do they zap and pop with static
electricity? Try placing the back of your hand near the T.V. screen while it is turned on.
You are absolutely surrounded by positive ions! Since most of us can not move to a more
beneficial setting, we suggest that you purchase at least one negative ion generator, which
can be placed in the room you practice your Chi Gung deep breathing exercises. Another
should be placed in your bedroom if it is within your financial means. Negative ion
generators are not terribly expensive as most are priced between $50 to a $100.

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