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Samsung Galaxy Gear

Today people have become technology oriented. They are receiving so many facilities from technology that they cannot step forward without its assistance. Previously we used to have mobile phones to receive calls anywhere we go. But nowadays the concept has changed. People will not prefer a good looking mobile phone that is available in the market instead they will prefer an Android phone with large screen, high definition camera, net surfing facility and many more.  Samsung galaxy gear is basically a smart watch by Samsung electronics. It is another smart phone in the galaxy phone series. It works as a companion for the entire Samsung galaxy tablets and smart phones. The device has an android supportive operating system. People using this galaxy gear by Samsung are really flabbergasted with its performance. It is very simple and slim in design with a big screen with clarity. It has a high definition camera that takes first-class photos. The sound quality is also mind blowing. It has become popular in the market for such great features that it provides to the users.

Features of this smart watch

This device comes with some unique features which we will discuss below:

It is jet black in color and is supported by an android based operating system
The internal memory capacity of the phone is about 4GB RAM plus 512MB RAM. The display size is 1.63 inches
Taking calls has become really easier with the help of this device. You can easily set calls and reply them directly with this phone.
With the quick glance notifications you can receive emails, texts, phone calls everything on your wrist watch. If you want to reply to the messages on the Samsung galaxy device, the smart relay option automatically shows the similar message on your phone. You will save a lot of time from opening or searching for any application for doing the same
If in case you facing difficulties in searching your phone you can use your galaxy gear which will help to activate the vibration or sound of your phone from a distant and it becomes easier to find the phone
You can secure the content of your phone with the help of Auto lock technique. As you walk five feet away from your phone the auto lock gets activated automatically and secures all your data. As soon as you come back gear informs it to your phone and it gets unlocked automatically

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