5 Easy Ways to Reset Windows 10 Password

28 April 2022

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You often forget to come at the wrong time, like forgetting your Windows 10 laptop password, even if a deadline has been set.

While reminding, you must have tried to enter a random password that has been used with the thought of playing luck, sometimes this step stops when you start thinking about whether, after typing the wrong password, It really damages the laptop or it stops.

An improvisation like this should not make you dizzy, because there are many ways to reset your Windows 10 password that you can follow.

Following how to reset your Windows 10 password will help unlock your laptop.

How to reset Windows 10 password with Hiren Boot

How to reset Windows 10 password via Hiren Boot

The first way to reset your Windows 10 password is to use a basic tool called Hiren’s BootCD, or HBCD for short.

Do not be fooled by the name, which seems complicated, how to reset Windows 10 password with Hiren’s Boot CD can be relatively easy.

  1. Insert the Hiren’s Boot CD into the laptop
  2. Continue restarting the laptop
  3. Auto-read is done by the laptop and several options appear.
  4. Click on the option Mini Windows In the menu
  5. Click Menu Programs
  6. Click Password key
  7. Click Login to Windows
  8. Click NETPWEdit (XP / Vista password reset)
  9. Look for files سام On the hard disk Drive C: \\ Window \ System32 \ Config \ sam
  10. Select Excellent
  11. Click Change the password
  12. Please enter a new password
  13. Restart the laptop and please log in with the new password

How to reset Windows 10 password with Hiren Boot is very easy, it is not complicated and it definitely works, get ready to go back to work with your laptop with the help of Hiren’s Boot CD software.

How to reset Windows 10 password without software

If you feel that password reset using Hiren’s Boot CD software is a hassle, you can try Windows 10 Password Reset without additional software.

Unfortunately, this reset method without additional software requires more skill and accuracy.

One way to reset Windows 10 passwords without software is to use creativity, first by using the keyboard to access security, and second by creating a new account to reset your old Windows 10 password.

• When using the keyboard

Press the keyboard CTRL + ALT + DELETE While pressing it, you can access security options such as Task Manager, Lock, Sign Out, etc.

Of course also to open options Change a password. So with this feature you can easily reset the Windows 10 password

• Use a new account / another account

One of the solutions to forget the password is to set up an account using another account in the admin. For those who did not have another account before, it was possible to create a new account first to reset the old account. To do. Laptop management

  1. Right click on it start
  2. Click Computer management
  3. open System Tools
  4. Then open Local users and groups
  5. open User
  6. Right click on your old account
  7. Click set password
  8. Set a new password that you can easily remember and restart your laptop to try out the new password.

How to reset Windows 10 CMD password

How to reset Windows 10 password using CMD

If you’re still confused about how to reset your Windows 10 password with previous methods, try using the Windows 10 CMD password reset method or using the command line, try not to get upset when using this method so you can Continue completely.

Before starting the first step, first make sure that your laptop meets the requirements, there is a drive letter from the Windows installation, which is usually located on drive C, the Windows installation disk or the Windows repair disk.

How to reset Windows 10 cmd password

  1. Use a Windows repair disk to boot the laptop
  2. Choose the language you use most often
  3. Click diagnosis
  4. Click Command line
  5. In the CMD window, type the command text Copy c: windowssystem32sethc.exe:
  6. Click enter
  7. Then type again Copy /yc:windowssystem32cmd.exe c: windowssystem32sethc.exe
  8. Click enter
  9. Exit CMD by typing Exit Then click enter
  10. Restart your laptop
  11. Once turned on, press the Shift key five times to go to the login screen until the CMD window appears.
  12. After the CMD window appears, type Network users [username] [password] Then press enter. With a note, replace the username with the desired username and Password Convenient and easy to remember
  13. Out of Command line
  14. Please log in using your new username and password

How to reset Windows 10 password in safe mode

If you have to use the Windows 10 password reset method with CMD for people who are not familiar with programming languages, be sure to think twice.

No need to worry, there is still a way to reset your Windows 10 password with a simpler safe mode.

  1. Turn on the laptop
  2. Press the button F8 Laptop keyboard
  3. Until the words appear on the black screen, select the menu containing the words Safe mode
  4. open Control panel
  5. Click Menu Account
  6. Click Another account manager
  7. Click Change the password Then enter the new password
  8. Click Save
  9. Restart the laptop and try logging in again with the password.

How to reset Windows 10 password with USB flash drive

In addition to being useful for helping to save a number of files, it also appears to be useful for resetting Windows 10 passwords with a USB flash drive.

  1. Enter the file userkey.psw To Flashdisk
  2. Turn on your laptop
  3. When the laptop enters the login section, enter Flashdisk and you must enter the password
  4. Click Password reset
  5. file userkey.psw Automatically read and can click Next
  6. Click Removable disk / USB flash drive
  7. Please enter a new password and password tips, please click if you are done Next
  8. If the password reset process was successful, please click the end And restart the laptop.

The important thing is that if you suddenly have trouble forgetting your Windows password, do not be indifferent, because your problem has different solutions.

There are many ways to reset Windows 10 passwords that you can try, so you do not have to reinstall them every time you forget your Windows password.

As much as possible, choose a password that is easy to remember, write it down in a notebook if necessary, only the donkey fell into the same hole.

Humans are actually a place to forget, but it is enough to forget the password a few times, not the rest. Good luck. Peace be upon Axitekno!

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