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April 27, 2022

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WiFi is an infrastructure tool for laptop users to access online media that can support their work, homework or entertainment by accessing online videos and movies.

In this digital age, the Internet has become a basic need.

In addition, the laptop does not have a starter card slot that can be used to purchase internet packages, so Wi-Fi activation is required.

Unfortunately, there are still people who do not know how to enable WiFi on a laptop, especially for beginners and parents who often forget.

Do not worry, misunderstanding is not a misfortune, just refer to the guide in the user guide, if the user guide is lost, be informed of the smartphone immediately via the Internet.

How to enable WiFi on Axioo laptop

How to connect WiFi to axioo laptop

Before activating Wi-Fi on your Axioo laptop, you must first make sure that by downloading it from the site or from the driver CD, you can make sure that the Wi-Fi driver is installed correctly.

See the instructions below for a more complete way to enable WiFi on Axioo laptops.

  1. Check the WiFi driver by clicking on Menu- check if it is installed or not.Run Then click devmgmt.msc. If not installed, an exclamation mark will appear, so you must install it first.
  2. Select Control panelNetwork connectionDouble-click Wireless network connection.
  3. In the menu on the left, click Refresh network listThus appears a list of wireless networks that are divided into two groups: insecure and secure.
  4. In an insecure laptop it is automatically registered with a dynamic IP
  5. If you choose secure, you must first register with the network admin to receive the IP
  6. Click the button Connection
  7. When connected, the symbol tray displays a green Wi-Fi symbol along with the received WiFi signal strength called excellent, very good, good, low and poor.

How to enable Wi-Fi on a Dell laptop

How to connect WiFi on a Dell laptop

The main obstacle to disabling Wi-Fi is usually not installing the wireless driver, so how to enable the WiFi feature on a Dell laptop can be started by installing the wireless driver.

  1. Click Start menu
  2. Click Control panel
  3. Click on the option Device management Which is in the category of devices and printers
  4. Find the wireless adapter you are using, right-click on the options and click Update the driver software
  5. Auto search appears
  6. Wait for Windows to find it and install it on your laptop, let it restart to run the driver
  7. Once installed, you can enable WiFi by clicking On Tap the WiFi icon in the bottom right taskbar or via the keyboard Fn + F Signal image
  8. If it still does not work, you can turn on Wi-Fi via Control panel And click Network connection
  9. Turn it on and connect to any available wireless network and enjoy your WiFi

How to enable Wi-Fi on an HP laptop with Windows 7

How to connect WiFi on an HP laptop

There are two ways to enable Wi-Fi on your HP Windows 7 laptop, the first via the control panel, the second via the keyboard keys.

via Control panel

  1. Click the button start
  2. Click Control panel
  3. Click Adjust the animation settings that are commonly used In hardware and audio
  4. The Windows Mobility Center window appears, select it and click on it Turn on Wireless
  5. Congratulations on how to enable Wi-Fi on your HP Windows 7 laptop via the control panel

Via the button Keyboard

  1. Search button Fn And buttons F3 One with antenna symbol
  2. Click on the two buttons together and congratulations, your WiFi is active

If you have not installed the wireless driver, you may have a problem with the keyboard keys, so first make sure it is installed correctly.

How to enable Wi-Fi on an Asus Windows 10 laptop

How to connect WiFi on an Asus laptop

Activating WiFi service on an Asus Windows 10 laptop is relatively easy.

  1. Click on the icon Network The logo on the taskbar is usually in the form of a WiFi signal marker or round like a sphere
  2. When Aerial plan It is clear, you can first turn it off or click on it by clicking on its icon once turn off
  3. Click the icon again WiFi And congratulations, your WiFi is active and just connected

If Wi-Fi is not turned on with this step, you can access it through it Control panel.

  1. Click start And click Control panel
  2. Click on the category Network and Internet Then click the option Network and Sharing Center
  3. In the left column menu, click on Options Change the adapter settings
  4. Search icon wireless And right-click, then click Option Activate

WiFi connection is ready to use.

How to enable Wi-Fi on Lenovo G40 laptop

How to enable Wi-Fi on a Lenovo laptop

WiFi connection is often a problem on the Lenovo G40 laptop, for that, see the ways and steps to enable WiFi on the Lenovo G40 laptop below.

  1. Install it first Main energy drivers Follow the completion steps until the finish button appears and the restart command appears.
  2. If you’ve entered the Windows screen but the Wi-Fi display in the lower right corner is not yet enabled, please enable it first.
  3. Press the button f7
  4. After the Lenovo Wireless Device Settings icon appears, click the Off icon On the wireless network card To enable Wireless and at the same time click on the off sign On for Bluetooth To enable it as well
  5. Make sure the WiFi icon appears in the taskbar

How to enable Wi-Fi on a laptop that is not connected

How to connect WiFi on a laptop that does not connect

Feeling uncomfortable when Wi-Fi is not connected because it can delay your work and other activities.

To do this, you need to start learning a powerful way to enable Wi-Fi on laptops that do not connect to fix problems immediately and improve your mood.

First, you can use the WiFi view in the taskbar menu, which is usually located at the bottom right.

Fast On True, if the WiFi taskbar menu is off, some laptops have an indicator light to indicate WiFi activity.

If you can not, you can use the button by pressing the button Fn And buttons F. Which has a signal or WiFi image.

It seems that using this button is still difficult, or by opening the control panel, you can trick the button on the broken keyboard again.

First, open the Start menu and click Control panelClick on Options Network and Internet Then click on the tab again Network and Sharing Center.

Several symbols appear, such as the LAN (local area network) symbol as well as the wireless network connection symbol.

Right-click on the Wireless Network Connection icon and turn it on by going to Options. Activate To activate it we hope it is useful, with respect action!

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