7 Advantages of SanDisk Flashdisk

External storage media such as flash drives play a very important role in helping to store and transfer data.

Compared to hard drives, of course, flash drives are much more desirable because of their smaller size and smaller shape, which are more practical.

One of the most widely used flash brands in the market is Sandys Flash.

Advantages of SanDisk Flashdisk over others

This SanDisk flash drive is actually included in the list of the best flash drives in the Indonesian community.

Comes with a wide selection of options to keep people interested in choosing SanDisk.

In addition, it is very diverse in terms of design and the prices offered are very affordable.

To find out what the benefits of a SanDisk flash drive are, please follow the instructions below:

1. Beautiful design

If you pay attention, SanDisk has a relatively simple design appearance, but in terms of its small and thin shape, it can give you a beautiful look.

In addition, the combination of red and black is so smooth that people think Sandys is a kind of functional flash.

2. Supported by Hot Software

Another advantage of SanDisk is that it is equipped with extremely interesting software, namely a control chip on each unit.

With this controller, it is easier for users to install USB flash drives from a variety of portable applications. For example, such as partition software, security software, file synchronization and so on.

3. Very compatible

SanDisk is actually one of the most compatible flash drives. In addition to being easy to operate, this flash is also easy to install.

Plus SanDisk can be used for all devices with USB slots.

The installation process is also relatively easy because you only need to insert a flash drive into the computer’s USB slot.

4. Has a qualified transfer speed

There is no doubt about the transfer speed that belongs to SanDisk Flashdisk.

For this 16GB Sandys flash memory, it is very attractive when transferring data to its users.

However, the speed is very different, ranging from 100 to 120 Mbps.

5. Ability to save

In addition to the transfer speed, it turns out that SanDisk also has storage capability, which is very satisfactory.

In addition, this flash can be used to store a variety of programs, movies, songs, movies, games or other items safely.

This incredibly powerful storage capability is driving more and more demand for Sandisk.

6. Offers various capacities

SanDisk does not only offer 16GB flash drives. However, SanDisk has several options, such as 64GB capacity as well as 128GB capacity.

Of course, they have different prices for each of these capacities. The price of 16 GB Sandys flash is under 50,000 rupees.

7. Data protection capability

It should be noted that for Sandisk, this flash is equipped with data protection capabilities when you often exchange flash drives with your friends.

Personal data is kept confidential and confidential for information that is not disclosed by others.

Of course, you do not need to add a password to any private folder on the flash drive.

3 Tips for the Best SanDisk Flash Drive

When you are in the market, when you want to buy a flash. Of course, there are not just one or two types of SanDisk flash drives that you will encounter.

However, there are many SanDisk brands that are widely marketed. There are different types for each SanDisk.

As a recommendation, you can choose the following 3 SanDisk flash drives:

1. SanDisk Cruzer Glide

The advantages of this flash cruiser glide are very beautiful in terms of design. Comes with relatively fast data transfer.

Inside the SanDisk flash drive comes storage capacities of 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB and 256GB.

Although it is priced below Rs 50,000, it is still of superior quality.

2. Cruzer Blade CZ50 SanDisk

For those of you who want a flash price below Rs 50,000, the Cruzer Blade CZ50 can be used as a recommendation.

For this type of flash, you have an optional capacity of 16 to 256 GB. This type of flash is very compatible with several operating systems such as Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Mac OS XV 10.5.

3. SanDisk Ultra USB

If you want a SanDisk Flashdisk with Class 1 speeds, the SanDisk Ultra USB is a good choice. You can save a large number of full HD video files.

In addition, the application also opens faster because the memory area is already available. For the offered price is only in the range of 60 thousand.

For this type of flash mark has a very good information transfer capability. Comes with an appearance that is very attractive compared to other types of flash brands.

SanDisk offers many benefits as a flash drive that speeds up data reading and writing.

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