How to download attractive Windows 10 themes

12 April 2022

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Themes allow users to make Windows more beautiful and boring.

For those Windows 10 users, you are certainly very lucky because you can download Windows 10 themes according to what you want because you will be faced with a wide range of theme choices.

Through these different theme options, you can customize the theme to your liking or taste.

To find out what themes are offered by Windows 10, you can listen to the reviews below to help you get an interesting theme, whether to download Windows 10 themes or not on the go.

Download attractive Windows 10 themes

Having a theme can actually beautify the desktop display. For that, you really need to choose a topic that does not bother you.

As a recommendation, you can download some awesome Windows 10 themes as follows:

1. Bicycle

Download Windows 10 Bike Theme

If you Download Windows 10 Bike Theme It can take you somewhere because some images are subject to change so they are great as wallpaper on the desktop.

The architecture of this theme is x86, x64, ARM64 and ARM.

2. Magnificent Japanese flora

Download Windows 10 Manificent Japanese Flora Theme

For those of you who love Japanese nature, of course you should Magnificent Japanese herbal theme This one to make your desktop look more attractive.

For this theme, you can see the beauty of pink flowers to golden and hydrangea trees.

In addition, you can enjoy the blue color at the base of Mount Fuji.

3. In the desert

Download Windows 10 In the Desert Theme

You can enjoy its beauty through this Windows 10 theme The path of the desert sand dunes And fly through the Death Valley area.

As the owner of Windows 10, who installs this theme, you can feel the feeling of riding a camel and passing through an area in Morocco, namely Erg.

4. Animal Kingdom

Download Windows 10 Theme The Animal Kingdom

You can taste your eyes from the very strong old packages that are stuck together as well as the presence of two very adorable frogs.

If you are interested in using this theme (Animal Kingdom) Then you can get a very interesting image as large as 16 images.

Download Windows 10 Themes for PC

For those of you who are currently bored with the similar look of Windows 10, it’s time to change the look of your desktop by installing the latest themes.

Windows 10 has a variety of themes that can be customized to make the PC look more attractive.

Here’s an interesting PC theme, ie:

1. Aero Glass

To make Aero Glass the most beautiful version of Windows 10 that can create a glass-like effect on the Windows 10 screen.

Through polished glass, it can create the feeling of a transparent interface, so it is very pleasing to the eye.

2. StartIsBack

This second theme is able to provide an interface that has features according to its features.

It looks very delicate in terms of polish like glass.

If you use this theme, it will give you a very interesting feeling and of course you will never feel tired.

3. Stardock Start10

Stardock start10 is listed as the best Windows 10 theme. This can be seen in terms of theme, this one has a manual customization feature that can be customized according to taste.

If you want to have this theme, you can download it and install it on your Windows PC.

Where to download themes for PC

If you’re confused about where to download or download themes in Windows 10, you can download them from:

1. Microsoft desktop themes

Microsoft has released a wide range of themes for free. The themes offered are also very diverse, ie car, animals, games, nature and you can even download Windows 10 anime themes through these Microsoft desktop themes.

To download, just click on the download button, please save the theme file according to your desired location.


For also offers the best themes in Windows 10 that can be downloaded for free.

The themes offered are also very diverse, up to hundreds of themes, so you can choose them according to your taste.

Meanwhile, it is also very easy to download because you only need a few minutes, then install it on your PC.


For this third place to download themes, it focuses more on a variety of themes related to games, movies, anime and other entertainment.

You can find over 1000 themes that you can download here.

The need to install the theme on a personal computer is very important so as not to cause fatigue.

Given that you will be faced with a choice of different themes, you certainly have the flexibility to determine the theme according to your taste.

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