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18 September 2021

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One of the most important components in using a laptop is an application or software.

Laptop applications usually depend on the type of activities that are often performed by laptop users.

If you are a designer, it is clear that the contents of the application are in the form of various design applications. In contrast to the author, the variety of programs is not very large.

If the laptop already has a lot of applications, the laptop will slow down.

In response to many apps, it’s a good idea to know how to delete your laptop apps to get your laptop back to normal.

There are usually several obstacles when deleting a program, here are the restrictions and steps to overcome them.

Remove hard programs to remove

Some programs are usually very difficult to remove. These types of programs are usually installed spontaneously without downloading anything from the Internet.

But do not worry, here are tips on how to remove applications on your laptop that are difficult to remove so your laptop can breathe easy.

• Use Windows PowerShell

How to uninstall apps on a laptop using Windows PowerShell

This first method only applies to laptops running Windows 10.

Windows PowerShell is basically a service that is deliberately provided by Windows because of frequent programs that are automatically embedded from the Internet or default programs that are not actually used.

First find this Windows default software. The easiest way is to use the search section in the desktop toolbar.

Just type ‘PowerShell Windows‘. If you find it, right-click then click ‘Run as Administrator‘.

Next, when you’re already logged in to Windows PowerShell, click ‘Get-AppPackage‘Then press the button Enter.

The last step is to put the uninstall code on the pre-selected program.

• Use Unlocker software

How to uninstall apps on laptop using Unlocker

Unlocker software is very easy to use. Using it is not complicated without entering the program code.

Unlocker is software that is used to delete any file in Windows, including files that were previously very difficult to delete.

All you have to do is open the Unlocker software, then enter the list of programs on the laptop. Including applications on laptops that are not readable.

If you already know which program you want to delete, just select it Delete. In the notification column, just click on ‘OK

The program can not be uninstalled

Uninstalling an application is like deleting an application installed on a laptop.

The classic method recommends entering the laptop control panel to remove it, but this method does not apply to some stubborn applications.

To avoid getting angry, here is how to uninstall programs that can not be removed.

• Use Revo Uninstall Freeware

How to remove programs on the laptop using Revo Uninstall

Laptop users usually need to use additional programs to remove unwanted programs. For example Revo Uninstall Freeware.

By typing “Revo Uninstall Freeware” in the Google search box, you can download it on the Internet.

After downloading, first install the Revo Uninstall Freeware software on the laptop. If it is installed, run the program.

After entering the program, please select the program you want to uninstall by clicking the button Uninstall install.

A new tab will appear later, select the modeDevelopment‘And click Scan. done.

• Use Microsoft Fixit

How to uninstall apps on a laptop using Microsoft Fixit

Another additional program that can help you uninstall programs that you do not want to uninstall is Microsoft Fixit.

You can download it for free on the internet. After downloading, please install the program on the laptop.

How to run the program Just click on ‘DevelopmentAt the beginning of the program, then click on the check mark.

Next, Microsoft Fixit performs a troubleshooting on the laptop to find out which programs are not being overused.

After that, please click on uninstall the desired program.

How to uninstall programs on Windows 10 laptop

Given that laptop users in Indonesia typically use the Windows 10 operating system, it is important to provide tips as well as how to remove applications on laptops running the Windows 10 operating system.

The procedure is very simple, here are the steps.

  • Click Menu start In the form of a Windows icon
  • Right-click the application you want to delete and then click Uninstall install By entering the menu Apps and features
  • You will see a list of programs on the laptop, please click on the program you want to delete
  • The last step is to click the button Uninstall install. Please wait a moment and follow the instructions provided.

How to delete laptop applications that are not in the control panel

This is the most annoying moment when you want to uninstall a laptop app but the app is not in the laptop control panel in the apps and features menu.

This is usually due to a mismatch between the registry name in the program and the system.

Fear not, there are still ways to get around this problem.

  • Enter regedit To Hkey_Local_Machine / SOFTWARE / Microsoft / Windows / CurrentVersion / UninstallHow to remove laptop applications using Regedit
  • Then there Rename the registry key With a suitable name and not more than 60 characters
  • Click the button of the program you want to delete
  • Double click uninstallString
  • Copy 🀄 ValueData
  • Entered to CMD
  • Paste the copied data
  • Click Enter. Then the removal process is already running.

This is an explanation of how to remove applications on the laptop that you can try, I hope it works. With respect ActionTechno!

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