3+ Causes and how to fix the blue screen of Windows 7 and 10

September 24, 2021

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Does your laptop have a blue screen and suddenly it can not be used? This phenomenon is known as the blue screen of death (BSOD).

This moment occurs due to damage to the Windows system, which forces the laptop to restart.

Before you know how to fix the blue screen in Windows 7 and Windows 10, you need to know the cause of the blue screen:

Causes of blue screen

The Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) event indicates a hardware or software defect in your laptop.

The blue screen occurs because Windows has a stop error code that causes Windows to crash and then stop working.

Then a blue screen appears with information about the damage and there is nothing to do but restart your laptop.

The appearance of a blue screen in Windows 7 or Windows 10 is often caused by a number of reasons, including:

1. RAM error

Windows 10 Blue Screen Reasons

Errors that occur in RAM are often due to damage. This may be due to an improper installation process. It can even cause it because it can no longer be used.

2. VGA has an error

VGA experiencing an error may occur when it is used to run the game. For that, if it is damaged now, it can no longer be used. How to choose External VGA laptop Good

3. Unstable processor

This unstable state is due to the effect of ignorance, which usually occurs due to incorrect configuration or installation.

4. Drive error

The cause of the Windows 10 blue screen is also due to an error drive status, ie the driver is broken or does not match the component used.

5. System bug

For this system, this is the default of the system, but it could also be due to the blue screen due to the effects of updating or installing applications.

How to overcome the blue screen of Windows 7?

1. How to overcome Windows 7 blue screen without reinstalling through System Restore

How to overcome Windows 7 blue screen without reinstalling?

In addition, laptops with blue screens can be resolved through System Restore. Consider the following steps:

  • When the blue screen appears on your laptop, do not be afraid and try to turn off your laptop first. The trick is to press and hold the button the power Laptop until the screen turns off
  • Then restart your laptop, press the power button again
  • Press during the boot process F8 To enter the boot menu
  • Then a boot menu will appear, select Safe mode Or safe click mode Enter
  • The boot process runs and your laptop turns on in safe mode. Then click on the menu start In Windows, select Control Panel
  • Go to System Security, Action Center and then select Improvement
  • Then click on Options Open System RestoreContinue by clicking NextThen Next Again
  • Then select the endConfirm by selecting Yeah
  • Next, your laptop will restart automatically.
  • This method can also be used as a way to finally solve the blue screen of Windows 7

2. How to overcome the blue screen of Windows 7 by scanning for malware

How to overcome the blue screen of Windows 7 by scanning for malware?

Software damage that results in a blue screen can be caused by malware or an attack virus.

To overcome this problem, perform a malware scan after the blue screen appears on the laptop.

  • After the blue screen appears, Turn off the laptop Hold down the power button until the screen turns off.
  • Then restart your laptop, press the power button again and turn on the laptop.
  • After booting and logging in to the desktop, do it Scan for malware Use the antivirus you use on your laptop.
  • For example, the antivirus you are using is Smadav or Eset. Run the Smadav or Eset program.
  • Then select an option Full scan On your computer. This step is done to search for malware in your laptop software that causes a blue screen.
  • Then wait for the scanning process to finish Clean malware From a laptop
  • It’s over, do it again restart On your laptop

3. How to repair Windows 7 blue screen with CMD

How to fix Windows 7 blue screen with CMD

The Blue Screen event is a combination of the damage accumulated on your laptop. To fix this, you can use the Command Prompt (CMD) menu command. The trick is:

  • When the blue screen occurs, force your laptop off and then enter safe mode or Safe mode As done above. That is, turn on the laptop again and press F8 When booting, then select Safe modePress Enter.
  • Wait for the laptop to boot.
  • Then run the Command Prompt or CMD menu by clicking on the menu startThen Type keywordsCMDClick on CMD after finding it.
  • A CMD window with a black background then appears. Type the following code: sfc.exe / scannow
  • Wait for the process to reach 100%
  • Final, restart Your laptop
  • done

4. Overcome the blue screen by checking the hardware

How to overcome the blue screen by examining the hardware

In the event of a blue screen phenomenon, in addition to software problems, hardware problems may also occur. So, the steps that can be done is to check your laptop hardware.

Hardware checks can be started by checking the condition of your laptop hard drive. Check other hardware as well.

The Windows 10 blue screen problem has become one of the most common problems that if such a situation certainly stresses laptop owners because the hardware can not be used properly.

In addition, special codes have been provided for this blue page, through which they can inform you that there is a problem.

How to repair Windows 10 blue screen

Windows 10 blue screen

There are several ways to overcome the Windows 10 blue screen problem as follows:

1. Please uninstall the app

Modify the blue screen of Windows 10

The first step is to uninstall the program that was last installed. The reason for this is that the cause of the blue screen can be caused by programs including system related programs.

You do not need to uninstall all the programs, just uninstall the last installed one. How to delete programs Which is difficult to remove.

2. Install the VGA driver

Windows 10 blue screen

By overcoming the next blue screen of Windows 10, you can reinstall the VGA driver to run on the system. If there is a crash, it could cause an error in your Windows 10.

To overcome this problem, you can install the VGA driver directly or you can upgrade to the latest version.

3. Please delete the temporary email section

This temporary file contains a collection of data that automatically appears when using Windows.

Typically, this temporary file has a function in accelerating system performance. But it is still possible to solve the blue screen of Windows 10 with this last method.

Meaning of blue screen error code

Meaning of blue screen error message code

Problems caused by the blue screen can be seen from the meaning of the code, which is as follows:

  • The driver is damaged, a message will appear «IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL» Follow the code 0X0000000A And says the message that appears «VIDEO_DRIVER_INIT_FAILURE. This means that the driver has had an accident. The solution is to install your laptop hardware drivers.
  • Damage to the system partition generates an error code “NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM” Or «FAT_FILE_SYSTEM» (0X00000024) Or (0X00000023)
  • Damage due to overheating or overheating of the laptop, BIOS failure, CPU failure, message appears «UNEXPECTED_KERNEL_MODE_TRAP (0X0000007F)». Check the laptop cooling fan or you can turn it off first and wait a moment for the laptop to cool down.
  • Damage to RAM or memory with accidental access to your laptop, then there will be a message that reads DATA_BUS_ERROR. The last possible solution is to replace the new RAM.
  • Bad pool caller This code usually appears if there is faulty or damaged hardware.
  • Data bus error : For the blue code of the page, this data bus error is caused by a hardware problem that is faulty or the hardware is damaged. In memory or RAM, which occurs due to damage to the motherboard or motherboard, as well as the hard drive.
  • IRQL driver no less For this code, it usually indicates that there is a memory problem due to the driver accessing the wrong or incorrect hardware address.
  • Driver power failure : The appearance of this error message is due to a mismatch between the computer’s power management and the service or driver. This often happens when the computer is in hibernation.
  • Drivers are overused This problem occurs because Windows does not have PTES or Windows page table inputs used to map RAM.
  • Hardware interrupts the storm This error problem occurs when the hardware does not remove the IRQ driver due to a problem. Not only that, but it can also cause problems due to the use of two devices from the same system or IRQ.
  • Core data page This problem may occur if Windows is unable to write or read data in the swap file. In addition, the cause is caused by the fact that between memory, viruses and bad sectors on the motherboard are damaged or defective.
  • Inaccessible boot device This problem occurs when Windows startup can not read data from the system partition board. It may also be caused by a hard drive error. If the problem is with hardware that is not compatible with Windows, you can remove the problematic hardware.

Blue screen is also called the blue screen that often appears in Microsoft Windows when it encounters system errors.

With some of the above information, including the error code above, you can find a solution to the causes and how to fix the blue screen in Windows 7 or Windows 10.

If you do not know about it, you can take it to a repairman. After that, do it Reinstallation If there is actually no other way to overcome the blue screen. May be helpful!

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