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September 25, 2021

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How to recover Windows 10

It can be said that Windows is the operating system that is widely used today. One of the most popular versions is Windows 10.

However, the operating system sometimes has problems with Windows error recovery. You do not have to worry about that. Here are some ways to recover Windows 10 that you can try.

How to overcome Windows error recovery in Windows 10?

For those of you who have never experienced such problems, you may immediately panic and not know what to do. You need to know that you can handle this problem yourself.

You do not need to rush to take your device to the repair shop. So, here are some steps you can take to begin the process.

  1. In the first step, you must enter the menu Advanced boot options.
  2. When you are currently in advanced startup, you must select the “option”.Command line“.
  3. In the next step, you must enter the command as “bootrec / RebuildBcd“.
  4. Then a message titled “Total detected Windows installations: 0” Or “Total detected Windows installations: 1“.
  5. If the message “Total Identified Windows Installations: 1” appears, you can press Y Press the keyboard and then Enter To restart the device
  6. However, if the message that appears is “Total Identified Windows Installations: 0”, you must enter the command “.bcdedit / export c: \ bcdbackup“.
  7. Then you have to re-enter the command in the form “: ren c: \ boot \ bcd bcd.oldThen press Enter
  8. If this method works, a message “” will appear after repeating this search.Total detected Windows installations: 1“.

How to recover Windows 10

One of the most useful features of Windows 10 is system recovery. With this feature, if something goes wrong one day, you can reset the operating system.

Of course, before using this System Restore feature, you must first perform a recovery in Windows 10. For that, here is the explanation.

  1. In the first step, please click on the Start menu. Then right-click on ‘ComputerSelect “and” optionProperties“.
  2. After that, you have to click System protection.
  3. On the System Protection tab, click the System Driver for which you want to create a Restore Point. Then click on the option «CreateWith the protection system on or off.
  4. Then fill in the description of the Restore Point that you want to create manually and click “.Create“.
  5. If you have succeeded in creating a Restore Point, it will be marked with a report in the dialog box.
  6. By doing this you have added to the Restore Point set and you have a manual type. If you have a problem with the operating system you are using, just enable the created Restore Point.

How to recover original Asus Windows 10

As you can see, this recovery is when the Windows 10 operating system crashes. This will return the operating system to its previous state.

For you Asus laptop users, the recovery method may be a little different. So that there is no error, then the explanation is as follows.

  1. You must first click on the menu start In Windows 10
  2. Then click on “Menu”Settings“Then select the option”Updates and security“.
  3. Then click on “ImprovementClick “Then”Reset this computer“And click again”Start“.
  4. Then the option “Return to factory settings“.
  5. After the two return options appear, you can select one of the options to your liking.
  6. And finally on the option “RestorationWait for this process to complete and restart your computer.

How to recover Lenovo Windows 10

Apart from Asus laptops, you will also find items on Lenovo laptops that are completely different in recovery method. Although the method of doing this restore is almost the same, but you should pay attention to the following steps to avoid errors. Therefore, immediately after the description.

  1. In the first step, you have to click on the Start menu and then select the menu Settings.
  2. Then click on the option «Updates and security“Then click again”Improvement“.
  3. You will see two options later that “Reset this computer” also “startTo start the Windows 10 reset process.
  4. To do this, click on “startFor a quick start to this reset process.
  5. At this point an options menu will appear where you can keep or delete all your private files.
  6. Once you have made your selection, click on the “Click” command.Reset“.
  7. Wait for the reset process to complete. Make sure the laptop you are using does not run out during the reset process to prevent the worst from happening.

By knowing a few things about how to recover Windows 10 above, you can certainly solve the problem yourself.

You will also save more because you do not need to take your computer or laptop to a specialist or repair shop.

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