3 Best Laptop Vacuum Cleaners and Their Benefits

March 23, 2022

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One of the modern and highly advanced hardware is a laptop. Although a hardware device is extremely complex, unfortunately laptops can also be damaged due to their weaknesses.

One of its disadvantages is that it heats up easily with long-term use. The solution that can be done is to use a laptop vacuum cleaner.

Advantages of using a laptop air conditioner

This laptop cooler can help the laptop dissipate heat so that the laptop is always in a cool condition.

By doing this, it really helps the laptop to work easily. This laptop cooler has many advantages including:

1. Has adjustable speed

This part of the vacuum cleaner has different speed levels. This makes it easier for users to select the speed level.

How to use it to adjust the speed of this air conditioner is simply turning the piece to the top notes of the air conditioner.

2. Effective use

The use of a cooling vacuum cleaner is considered more effective because the operating system only sucks the laptop in the hot temperature and then throws it away on the other side of the cooler.

Through this operating system, the laptop temperature is safer than using a conventional cooling pad.

3. Long working hours

It seems that this laptop vacuum cleaner can work for a long time, up to 5000 hours.

With this very powerful resistor, it makes users more flexible when using it, including when you are playing.

4. Does not make noise

Although it is used to reduce the heat in the laptop, but it seems that this vacuum cleaner does not produce loud noise, because the noise level is very low, ie 60db.

The best laptop vacuum cleaner

It seems that the vacuum cleaner on the market is not just one type or one.

But there are different types of vacuum cleaners that you can choose from and adjust according to their needs, for example the following:

1. Cool vacuum cleaner pad

Vacuum cleaner cooler pad

For this cooler, the vacuum cleaner pad has a more affordable price, which is only 50,000 IDR, so that you can cool your laptop.

The advantage of this Cool Pad vacuum cleaner is that it has speed control on the fan so that users can adjust it according to their needs. The fan can also spin at 3000 rpm.

2. Universal Tafor

Universal Laptop Vacuum Cleaner

Universal Taffware is also the best reliable laptop cooler and sells for an affordable IDR 50,000.

Features of this device include fan speed adjustment, the ability to rotate up to 4200 rpm, water resistance due to the fact that it is made of ABS plastic, with micro-Holo technology, which can produce less noise when working.

3. Yuesong Universal

Yuesong Universal Laptop Vacuum Cleaner

Yuesong Universal is a cooling vacuum cleaner with a more modern look because it is equipped with a small LCD screen.

By doing this, it can display the working condition of the vacuum, including the air valve temperature and the fan speed.

In addition, the fan is equipped with dual turbines that can absorb the heat of the laptop and is equipped with a sensor that automatically detects the temperature of the laptop.

When to use a laptop cooler?

It seems that there are still many people who do not know when to use a laptop vacuum cleaner.

You do not have to wait for it to be used Hot laptop Just used it

To be more effective in using a laptop air conditioner, you can listen to the following explanation about when to use a laptop vacuum cleaner, namely:

1. When using the laptop in bed

Putting a laptop on the bed is a big mistake because in this situation the air circulation on the laptop is not smooth.

So you need a vacuum cleaner to help circulate air and cool your laptop.

It can also prevent the laptop from being damaged due to the CPU overheating.

2. When hot

Being in a room with a relatively warm temperature, you need a vacuum cleaner to prevent damage to the laptop due to the processor overheating.

By default, the laptop continues to spin and suck in hot air.

In this case, it increases the power and affects the battery, which runs out quickly.

3. When used for gaming

When using a laptop for gaming, especially heavy gaming, it certainly warms the laptop’s temperature.

Even if it stays for a long time, the laptop will disappear or even disappear completely. How to repair a laptop regiment Have been discussed.

It is recommended to use the vacuum cleaner before playing to cool down the laptop.

Having a vacuum cleaner for laptops really helps people who often complain about having a laptop Hot laptop.

Especially for laptops that are usually used for a long time and hours every day.

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