How to get the most out of Windows Explorer in Windows 10?

March 21, 2022

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Windows Explorer

Use key shortcuts to access Windows Explorer more effectively

Windows Explorer key shortcuts

You need to know the different types of shortcuts that can be combined for more efficient access to Explorer.

The combination of these two buttons will reach your destination faster by pressing them together. Here are some of them:

  • Windows + ETo open Windows Explorer
  • ExitTo cancel the file operation
  • F2Rename files in Explorer
  • F4Open the address bar drop-down menu
  • F5To reload the file browser page
  • F6-Scroll between path panels
  • F10Displays the menu bar
  • F11Fullscreen file explorer
  • Main Page-Go quickly to the beginning of the file
  • the endQuickly go to the bottom of the file
  • Arrows On. Down, up right, to move the cursor to move up, right, down and left.
  • دلTo delete files in File Explorer
  • Enter-To open a file in File Explorer
  • Alt + EnterIe to open features in Explorer
  • Ctrl + N-To open a new Windows Explorer window and more.

Rename multiple files simultaneously in Windows Explorer

In the latest Windows 10 update, you can rename multiple files at the same time in Windows Explorer. The method is as follows:

  • Open Windows Explorer
  • Select multiple files to rename in a folder
  • Block all or some of those files
  • Right click and then select the option Rename To change the name
  • Type the desired name, click Enter
  • Then the names of all the files are changed at the same time. To identify them, the file above has the number 1 and continues until the last number.
  • done.

Use the image rotation feature in File Explorer

There is also a feature that can quickly rotate images in Windows 10 File Explorer. Here’s how to do it.

  • Open File Explorer
  • Then look for the image file stored on your PC or laptop
  • Click on the image file, then the option will appear “Rotate left” Or “Rotate to the right” in the top. Then you just have to choose between two options to rotate right or left
  • This feature is very useful when you want to quickly change images without opening new applications such as image editors
  • done.

Enable the preview panel in the Windows 10 file explorer

The next feature that can be enjoyed is the preview panel. In this feature, you can view the contents of a file without further opening in Explorer.

To enable this feature in Windows 10 File Explorer, follow these steps:

  • First of all, open File Explorer on your PC or laptop
  • Then place the mouse on the part vision At the top of the File Explorer window.
  • Choose an option Preview panel
  • There you can select the preview view, which is displayed in large or small size, as a list or detail of the contents of the file.
  • done

Enable the Check Box feature

If you can’t mark multiple files in a folder by holding down the Ctrl key, you can replace it with the checkbox feature in the Windows 10 File Explorer.

How to activate is as follows:

  • Open File Explorer on your laptop or PC
  • Open a folder that contains multiple files
  • Hold the mouse over the section vision At the top of the File window, then “Check box items
  • Then the checkbox feature is active and there is no need to hold the button ctrl When marking multiple files
  • done.

How to change the appearance of Windows 10 File Explorer to dark

How to change the appearance of Windows 10 File Explorer to dark

Especially for Windows 10, the latest update lets you change the appearance of File Explorer from default to dark or in the dark.

But not only in File Explorer, the appearance changes from default to dark in some default applications such as the Microsoft Store and others.

Here are the steps to change to dark:

  • First press the button start Menu in the lower left corner, then select Settings or Settings
  • Then the settings window will appear, click Personal For the background, Lock screen And Colors.
  • There are now several things in the Personalization window that we need to configure. In the Colors tab, enable the Dark optionSelect your default application mode
  • The display of the settings then automatically changes to the dark alias mode. Go to File Explorer, this will happen. The File Explorer view darkens.

Here are some tips to maximize Windows Explorer in Windows 10.

You can try it on your laptop or PC that has experienced various updates in Windows 10.

Good luck, I hope it is useful!

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