Reasons and how to reinstall the laptop

April 2, 2022

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Under certain circumstances, the laptop needs to be reinstalled because the operating system that uses it will continue to be updated. Also for reinstallation due to a few things.

This is why laptop users have to reinstall it regularly. There are several ways to reinstall the laptop.

Signs that the laptop should be reinstalled

Before reinstalling, there are several signs that will force you to reinstall your laptop, as follows:

1. Have a slow process

Every type of laptop definitely has a download process, but if it is too slow, you will definitely feel uncomfortable working with it.

This can also be a sign of the need to reinstall the laptop. In this case, you can take it to the laptop service center to be processed immediately.

2. The application closes by itself

Another feature that can be detected that laptops need to be reinstalled is that there are several programs that close on their own when used.

In such a situation, of course, it will be very unpleasant for users. Especially when you are doing something very important.

3. Perform Restart alone

A laptop that restarts itself and suddenly restarts can be a sign of problems with the laptop, so reinstalling is one of the solutions that can be done.

Laptops that are restarted are usually due to a weakened laptop operating system caused by a virus.

4. The Not Responsing column often appears

For laptops that often appear in the non-response column, it is a sign that your laptop is in unhealthy condition.

Laptops will not perform well as usual, one of which is to slow down the laptop operating system. One way to prevent the non-response column from appearing is to reinstall it.

5. Old boot process

Laptops that take too long to boot are often the result of programs running automatically when the laptop is turned on or because the operating system is running for a long time.

So, if the laptop has an old boot process, you can check it at the beginning and reinstall it if necessary.

Cause Your laptop needs to be reinstalled

Not all conditions need to be reinstalled when the laptop is running slowly. However, as the owner of a laptop or computer, you need to know what causes your laptop to reinstall.

By knowing the cause, you can predict that your laptop will always be in good condition.

Here are some reasons you can find out, namely:

1. Virus

Laptops that are attacked by viruses are often the main reason for reinstalling laptops.

Therefore, when a laptop is infected with a virus, you should eliminate it immediately, so that the virus does not spread on the laptop. In addition, you can use the antivirus feature on your laptop or computer.

2. Windows has an error

Windows that have errors are also the reason for reinstalling the laptop. This may be due to an error by laptop users deleting the exe in Windows.

Windows that encounter the error can be identified despite the initial boot that can not enter the Windows screen.

3. Go to the new system

Some laptop users may also feel bored, so they often move to a new part of the system and leave the vendor.

In this case, it turns out that it could also be the cause of the laptop interfering so that it needs to be reinstalled.

How to install a laptop

How to install a laptop can actually be done using a flash drive or CD that you can select and adjust to the conditions.

Installation of this laptop can be done on all types of laptops, provided that the Windows operating system is used. So the MacBook operating system can not use it. The steps that can be done are as follows:

  • First you need to make sure your laptop battery is full. If the battery is low, you can remove it while charging so that the laptop does not run out during the installation process due to low battery.
  • Next step, do not forget to back up your data before installation. Because during the installation process, the partition is automatically filled and shows the installation results of the new operating system.
  • Prepare installation files on the operating system using a CD or flash drive. Reinstall using a CD and then you should have an original operating system installation.

Laptops that are used regularly will often have less performance, which means that the process will slow down in this situation, you do not need to worry because there are other ways, one of which is to reinstall the laptop.

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