The easiest way to unlock a bolt modem that you need to know

March 27, 2022

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How to unlock the modem bolt

Using the Internet in our daily lives has become an activity that can no longer be denied. Not surprisingly, many users are looking for the easiest way to unlock modem bolts.

Yes, the need for the Internet is not what it is in the community. Where people’s needs are high but the internet is low or not as expected.

Even in big cities, we have no problem finding free Wi-Fi. If you rely only on the internet connection, it will certainly not be enough. Even operating costs explode with its use.

Unlocking the modem can be followed. But you change the firmware that was already made by the manufacturer. If you still want to continue the steps, of course, it violates the law of intellectual property rights.

The easiest way to unlock the Bolt Mf90 modem

Modem Bolt Mf90

  1. Download first Firmware Unlock Bolt Mf90 the first. You can search for it in Google search engine.
  2. If you find the firmware you want, you can download it directly
  3. Once downloaded, you can place the folder anywhere. But try to put it in a place that is easy to find so that it is not difficult for you to search for it.
  4. In the next step, you can activate the Bolt Orion modem and connect the modem to the computer using a data cable. If run normally, the computer will start the process automatically Install the modem default drivers But if you do not succeed, you can install it manually
  5. How to install the manual You can go to the Bolt CD drive section and look for the file menu called File autorun.if
  6. If you can find the menu Right click And so onInstallationSelf
  7. If successful, just enter the user screw using the address
  8. Then just log in Default password management That means another admin or password if you changed it
  9. Search menu Sliding settings And can click directly on the software Upgrade
  10. On the software update page, go to the browser and search for the file *.son Pre-downloaded
  11. If so, click upgrade and wait for the modem to process Operating system upgrade
  12. Done, you can change cards other than bolts to try or not succeed.

The easiest way to unlock the Bolt E5372s modem that you can try

Modem Bolt E5372s

  1. You can download the firmwave file found in the Google search engine before unlocking the E5372s.
  2. in addition to turn off also anti VirusThis is because the file is usually immediately detected as a virus to interfere with the unlocking process you are about to perform.
  3. Installation First the modem driver
  4. Right click on the file Auto run In the driver and selectRun as administrator
  5. You must be able to enter the modem driver installation section
  6. Click Next Until the modem completes the driver installation
  7. In the first step, you can right-click on the downloaded operating system file and click “Run as administrator
  8. Click “Accept the agreement“And select”start
  9. Wait a moment for the computer or laptop to be detected by the device
  10. Wait and click to finish

The fastest way to unlock the Bolt Bl1 modem that you can try

Modem Bolt Bl1

  1. To perform the unlocking process, you can download the DC Unlocker Client 2017 program
  2. Just connect the modem to your computer or laptop
  3. Wait for your computer device to detect it
  4. If detected, you can right-click on the file “DC Unlocker client“And select”Run as Administrator
  5. If you have completed the process, you can “ZTE modems“In Menu”Select the manufacturer“And select”Automatic detectionSelect the model in the menu
  6. After that, just click on the magnifying glass icon at the bottom
  7. Move to the right immediately. You can click on the server and then log in user name and also Password wanted
  8. Click “Check login
  9. An error code usually appears that can be ignored because it is not very important to the unlocking process you are doing.
  10. You can choose later “Unlock“And you can click the button”Unlock“.
  11. You can now unscrew the BI1 modem and click the reset indicator for 5 seconds. In this case, you can unplug the modem and immediately replace the model SIM card with your desired card.

List of bolt modems that you can unlock

Remember, not all bolt modems can be unlocked. So if you want to unscrew the modem, first look at the series you have.

Here are the types of modem screws that you can unlock:

  1. BL300 Only supported by smartphone network
  2. BL1Only supported by smartphone network
  3. PL100Only supported by smartphone network
  4. BL500 Only supported by smartphone network
  5. B315 Only supported by smartphone network
  6. E5776 Supported by all 4G operator networks
  7. Huawei Slim 2 Supports all 4G networks
  8. Huawei Max 2 Supports all 4G networks
  9. ORION Supports all 4G networks
  10. VELA Supports all 4G networks
  11. ZTE MF90 Supports all 4G networks
  12. ZTE HYDRA Supports all 4G networks

Although it is easy to unlock the screw modem, you should be aware of its dangers.

Do not let it be your will, then force you to break the law that exposes you to a criminal.

I hope this information is useful. Greetings to Axi Techno!

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