Use Windows 10 VPN and Windows VPS

September 26, 2021

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Windows 10 VPN

Most of you probably already know what a VPN is. VPN or Virtual Private Network, is software that can access the Internet using external servers.

In Windows 10, there is already a built-in built-in VPN. To that end, here are a few things about the Windows 10 VPN.

How to set up a VPN in Windows 10

As mentioned earlier, Windows 10 already has a built-in VPN. However, this default VPN cannot be activated automatically.

You must configure or configure this VPN.

So, here are the steps to enable the default VPN from Windows 10 that you need to know.

  1. In the first step, you must enter the menu Settings. Of course, to enter this menu, you must first enable Administrative Privileges.
  2. When entered in the settings, click “Click”Network and InternetLater, several advanced options will appear for the server as well as the Internet used by your PC.
  3. On the left you can select the VPN option, then the settings on the VPN will appear.
  4. Then the option “Add a VPN connectionA new window will appear that you must adjust.
  5. In this setting, Windows (bulit – در) Which is under VPN Provider.
  6. Enter your connection name.
  7. Then enter the name of the server and the address of the server used
  8. Note the phrase “VPN type” at the bottom. Select the “Option” optionPoint-to-point tunneling protocol (PPTP)“.
  9. Then at the bottom “Type of login information“, Choose the option that suits your needs.
  10. If necessary, continue by entering your username and password.
  11. Select the “Option” optionRemember my login informationIf you are afraid of a password that has already been created.
  12. Click the last step SaveSo this VPN is ready to be set up in Windows 10.

VPN list for Windows 10

In fact, Windows 10 has a built-in VPN. However, few people think that the default VPN is slow and very difficult to set up.

If you do not want to bother setting up your own server, you can use some of the free Windows 10 VPNs available on the Internet below.

  • OpenVPNIs the most used VPN. This is because Open VPN has a stable and reliable speed. Many sites on the Internet offer free VPN download services for Windows 10, so you can easily get one.
  • Windscribing, Is an alternative for those of you who want to use the VPN plan for free and comes with 10 GB of bandwidth. Many have proven that the performance of this VPN is very fast and stable.
  • Siphon, Can allow you to bypass Internet connection restrictions. The access provided by Siphon is complete, open and unlimited. However, the security system used is also completely secure.
  • Hide me, Is a VPN application that can make you completely anonymous on the web. So this VPN hides your identity as well as your location on the internet.
  • Hello, A VPN that provides community-based services so that each user can help each other with content on the web. Unlike other VPNs, Hola uses a P2P or peer-to-peer network.
  • SurfEasy, Is a VPN that can unblock the Internet and secure your site connection. So even if you log in to a government-blocked site, the network you are using is still secure.

Types of Windows VPS

VPS, also known as Virtual Private Server or commonly known as Virtual Machines, is a server that can be installed alone and can be used as a dedicated server.

On the Internet itself, you can find cheap to expensive Windows VPS. So, here are the types of VPS for Windows that you need to know so you do not make a mistake.

  • KVM (Core based virtual machine), Is a VPS that is able to interact directly with the hardware used. So, this VPS is great for those of you who need full visualization.
  • OpenZ, Is a type of VPS that uses the operating system on a common kernel. It can be said that this VPS is rarely used in large sites and its average user is lower middle class.
  • HVM (Virtual machine hardware) Has a virtual that is located at the core level. Even HVM gives its users the freedom to use complete hardware.
  • Hyperv, Is a VPS built by Microsoft. Therefore, this VPS is highly recommended for Windows users because it is compatible with the operating system used. However, the price of this VPS is much more expensive and more expensive than other types of VPS.

If you already know a few things about Windows 10 VPN and VPS for Windows, you will surely be more comfortable and safer when using the Internet.

However, you should still use it for positive and useful things.

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