5 causes of laptop screen stripes and its solution [SOLVED]

27 September 2021

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Laptop corrugated screen

Laptops are one of the most sought after items in the modern world. However, all man-made objects, including laptops, will continue to be damaged for a period of time.

One of the problems that most laptop users face is the striped screen of the laptop. For that, here are the reasons and ways to overcome these problems.

Reasons why the laptop screen is striped

Reasons why the laptop screen is striped

Be aware that many of your laptop screens are streaked, this can happen for a variety of reasons.

The factors that cause the problem are also very diverse, from external factors as well as internal factors. To explain further, here are some factors you need to know.

  1. External factors that cause this problem can be caused by the laptop being hit.
  2. In addition, falling laptops can also cause these problems.A falling laptop causes the laptop screen to wrinkle
  3. Almost all electronic equipment is not water resistant. So if your laptop is wet, your laptop also runs the risk of a linear screen.
  4. In the case of internal factors that come from the laptop itself, such as a damaged LCD cable.
  5. Problems in the software used also cause this problem.

How to repair a corrugated laptop screen using Pixel Repairer

How to overcome a corrugated laptop screen?

Damage to the LCD screen, which is indicated by a straight white or black line, can be due to the presence of dead pixels.

This dead pixel can happen because the default LCD panel is not good or there is too much pressure on the laptop screen. So, here are the steps to deal with it.

  1. The first thing you need to do is download and then install the app Pixel Repairer On your laptop
  2. After that, open the program, the Pixel Repairer dialog box will appear.
  3. Then select Father What you need
  4. Then click the option Activate Apply the color of your choice on the page.
  5. Pay attention to the screen. For example, if you select black and all the screens are black, the laptop is in good condition. However, if other colors appear, it means that there are dead pixels on the screen.
  6. Next, click on the option Repair.
  7. Click “addTo adjust the repair area.
  8. Then drag the repairman box to the location where the dead pixel was found.
  9. Use one of the repairman configuration modes, then select a size that covers the dead pixel area.
  10. Click on “addAgain to add another pixel area.
  11. Wait a while for the repair steps done by this software to be completed.

How to repair a striped screen on a laptop by checking the screen flex cable

How to repair a striped screen on a laptop by checking the screen flex cable

This flexible cable is the interface that connects the motherboard to the screen. This cable may be damaged or loose.

This is what can make a laptop screen horizontal or vertical. For that, here are a few steps you need to know.

  1. First, try connecting your laptop to an external monitor.
  2. If these lines do not appear on the external monitor screen, there may be a problem with the flex cable.
  3. The first thing you can do is tighten the cable.
  4. If your laptop screen is still streaked, you mean the flex cable is damaged.
  5. If this flex cable is damaged, you will need to replace the cable.
  6. However, you should also adjust the replacement of this flexible cable on the cable groove on the screen to prevent additional damage.

How to remove laptop screen streaks by examining the components on the motherboard

How to remove laptop screen streaks by examining the components on the motherboard

It can be said that the problem is in the form of lines on the laptop screen, which is caused by damage to parts on the laptop motherboard.

These include the RAM, VGA, or hard drive you are using. So, here are some steps you can take to begin the process.

  1. Check the section first RAM Clean the pins with a rubber swab.
  2. If there is another empty RAM slot, you can move the installation location of the RAM.
  3. If it still does not work, you can replace the current RAM with a new one.
  4. In addition to Rome, this problem can also be caused by it VGA. If changing the RAM does not solve this problem, you can remove the VGA and clean it with a rubber cleaner.
  5. If VGA cleaning is not successful, you can replace or remove VGA.
  6. Another component that can cause streaks on the laptop screen is the hard drive. So if cleaning or replacing RAM and VGA does not work, you can replace it Hard Disk Cable.
  7. You can also replace the hard drive to ensure this problem.

The problem with the laptop’s striped screen is really annoying. In addition, replacing a laptop LCD is relatively expensive.

Therefore, it is better to do some of the above methods before replacing the LCD of the laptop you are using.

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