5+ differences between Linux and Windows in terms of advantages and disadvantages

October 21, 2021

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The difference between Linux and Windows

Linux and Windows are operating systems on computers that both have much in common.

But the difference between Linux and Windows is that Linux uses open source so that Linux can be used for free and can be developed by anyone.

Windows is also a closed or commercial operating system that must first be licensed.

The difference between Windows and Linux

These two operating systems have differences that can be identified by the following explanation:

1. Show

  • Linux looks similar to Windows, but Linux looks a bit monotonous.The difference between Windows and Linux
  • Windows looks cooler because it is more versatile than Linux. This is because Windows is commercial in nature, so the appearance of Windows will change according to its users.

2. Security

  • For Linux security, it is very resistant to virus attacks. However, viruses can still grow on Linux. The Linux system is also a bit complicated, so it is more difficult to penetrate Linux.
  • Windows is more susceptible to virus attacks through network applications, the Internet, storage media such as flash drives, external hard drives or CDs. Windows viruses grow faster. This is because it is closed to be vulnerable to hacker attacks.

3. Price

  • Linux is reasonably priced due to its open nature, and only costs Internet access to download.
  • Windows has a higher price due to the user-friendly needs of the community, which makes Windows still in demand in the market.

4. Completeness of the program

  • Linux offers a variety of programs for multimedia, the Internet or other, just install it once.
  • Windows has minimal programming time to install, so you need more time when installing add-ons.

5. Reliability

  • Linux is more stable and reliable because it is widely used as a server and can run continuously for Linux distributions, so there is no need to restart for months or even years.
  • Windows should be restarted periodically.

6. Hardware

  • Linux still has few users because there are some hardware manufacturers that support less than this operating system.
  • Windows has an operating system that has a lot of support, especially for hardware manufacturers.

Which Linux is better than Windows?

1. Closed source versus open source

The difference between Windows and Linux depends on the need to know which one is better, that is, for office workers, of course, they prefer to use open source Linux because Windows is not very important.

IT professionals also tend to use open source Linux because it can be used easily.

2. Software

When viewed from software, Linux has limited software, while Windows has enough software to support the operating system.

3. Support

Linux has many distributions that you can choose from, but unfortunately, when you are a novice Linux user, you often encounter problems with the distribution that you are currently using.

Unlike Windows, it is easier to overcome existing problems.

4. File system

For Linux file systems, ext2, ext3, xfs, reiserfs, etc. are used. In addition, the Linux operating system can also write or read to FAT32.

Linux can distinguish between uppercase and lowercase letters in different aspects of operating system usage.

There is a term drift in Linux that is not used while a normal directory is used.

Windows does not distinguish between uppercase and lowercase letters and filenames after using NTFS and FAT.

The Windows operating system also recognizes the term drive used for partitions and devices.

Advantages and disadvantages of Linux

Additional :

  • Linux is an open source operating system so it can be used for free.
  • Users find it easier to get information about alternative Linux applications through open source websites.
  • Easy to use.
  • It has reliable security so that it will be more difficult to catch the virus and not spread the virus to other users.


  • Support for specific vendor hardware in not-so-good conditions.
  • There are still many Linux users who are not used to using it so it needs training and education of its users.
  • The process of installing software on Linux is more difficult than on Windows.

Advantages and disadvantages of Windows

Additional :

  • Consumption of memory, hard disk and CPU in system service is less.
  • Can be optimized on SSD and HD initial fetch.
  • Has a faster shutdown or boot process.
  • Equipped with stronger security features.
  • It has a much more beautiful appearance because it can be seen from a three-dimensional perspective.


  • There is a bug in Windows Player 12.
  • There is hardware that can be detected directly by Vista but cannot be detected in Windows 7.
  • There are some programs that can not work on Windows 7.

Determining which is better between Windows or Linux is not easy because given that the two operating systems have almost the same similarities that are difficult to distinguish.

But that does not mean that the difference between Linux and Windows is not easily discernible.

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