5+ ways to overcome the rapid heat of the laptop [SOLVED]

Laptop heat is a nuisance that we often experience as a laptop owner.

So, before you know how to deal with a hot laptop, you must first know the cause of the laptop overheating

Reasons why laptops heat up so fast

آ. Long-term use of the laptop

Prolonged use of the laptop can heat the laptop’s temperature or it is usually called overheating.

In addition to long hours, heavy work on the laptop, such as working on plans in the program or playing games on the laptop can also heat the laptop.

We recommend that you use your laptop for a period of time to prevent it from overheating.

B Impact of laptop location

Apart from the duration of use, the location of the laptop during use also affects the temperature of the parts.

The effect of a bad position is on the mattress or pillow.

Sometimes you prefer to play with your laptop on a mattress or pillow, because it can be used while lying down.

In fact, placing such a laptop is not good because air circulation is difficult.

C broken fan

The next reason the laptop heats up quickly is that the fan in it is damaged or not working normally.

If so, what happens is that the accumulation of heat inside causes the entire laptop to overheat.

In addition to being damaged, the fan can also be made of a lot of dirt to make its operation difficult.

Part of dry thermal dough

Why do laptops heat up so fast? In addition to the above three factors, the dryness of the thermal paste can also be one of the reasons.

Thermal paste is part of the processor to which a gel is applied to reduce the heat generated.

If this part is dry, of course, the heat generated by the processor will not reduce it.

How to quickly overcome a hot laptop

Knowing the cause of laptop overheating As mentioned above, the next point is how to deal quickly with laptop overheating.

Here are some ways you can get rid of laptop overheating, including:

1. Use the laptop enough

Given the first cause of laptop overheating, namely prolonged use of the laptop, the steps that can be taken is to use the laptop in moderation.

In other words, try to set a schedule for using the laptop.

For example, in one day you only limit the use of the laptop for a maximum of 8 hours, then turn it off.

However, do not allow yourself to be turned off only in hibernation or sleep mode.

Because it can cause new problems such as problems when booting.

2. Use only one application when using a laptop

Surely you have noticed that laptops have the ability to open many programs or applications that can perform tasks or tasks.

However, to prevent your laptop from overheating, it is best to open only one application to complete your task and do not open other applications at the same time.

For example, you are working on an article using Microsoft Word.

Do not turn on the music or video player while you work, as this can increase CPU performance and increase the temperature of the laptop.

3. Take advantage of the Utility Application

The next step to overcome a hot laptop is to use an application.

Install the application on your laptop because there are features that allow you to control your laptop hardware, including temperature control for your laptop hardware.

In fact, nothing can be done through the application when the laptop is hot.

But at least you have a tracker to limit the performance of the laptop so that it does not overheat.

And we can take action to reduce the heat, such as turning off (off).

4. Clean the fan

This is a way to deal with the laptop overheating due to a faulty fan or not working properly.

The problem that often arises is that the cooling fan or pad is covered with a lot of dust.

Under these circumstances, all you have to do is clean the laptop cooling fan.

We recommend using a small vacuum cleaner for safer results.

Pay attention to the tools you use because it can hit other small components of the laptop.

5. Use an external fan

If your laptop’s cooling fan is completely unusable due to damage, you can use an external cooling fan.

It is usually used as a base or on the ventilation manhole cover.

This is very effective for reducing the temperature of the laptop or when the laptop overheats.

6. Hard laptop pad

To overcome the heat of the laptop, pay attention to the base of the laptop quickly when using it.

Use a solid base such as a floor, wooden table, board or plywood.

Portable laptop desk It can be a solution, you can even make it yourself.

Do not use heat-absorbing mattresses such as mattresses, pillows, blankets or rugs.

These objects absorb heat and can overheat a laptop without our knowing it.

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