5 ways to speed up the performance of a Windows 7 laptop

Have you ever experienced a slow laptop? It’s very annoying when playing, when doing homework or work, and it feels annoying, right?

Here are some ways to speed up the performance of your Windows 7 laptop, including:

Turn off desktop widgets

Windows 7 laptops are lightweight and compatible. Therefore, you must maintain it.

An example is turning off desktop widgets, which are annoying to improve the performance of Windows 7 laptops.

Here are the steps to turn off desktop widgets on a Windows 7 laptop:

  • Open first start Usually the menu at the bottom left, then type the word Gadgets
  • Click on the tool search result
  • A new window then appears showing a list of tools that may appear on the desktop.
  • You can now delete tools you do not need. Or delete all the tools on the desktop to keep the laptop running fast and efficient.

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Virus check

The second list of ways to speed up the performance of a Windows 7 laptop is to check for viruses.

It is undeniable that the virus is one of the barriers to the functioning of a personal computer or laptop.

Virus scan can be done using the antivirus you have installed.

This review could also be a way to speed up the performance of a Windows 7 laptop for gaming.

Consider the following steps:

  • open anti Virus For example, Smadav Antivirus can be installed on a laptop by double-clicking on a shortcut on the desktop to open it, or you can open it in the taskbar via the system tray.
  • After the Smadav window opens, select the do option Full scan Or Quick Scan. Full Scan scans all files on the laptop while Quick Scan scans only one drive.
  • Wait for the scanning process to complete, it usually takes longer to fully scan because it scans all the files on your computer.
  • When done, click on the virus-infected file.clean
  • Do this regularly as well Updates Always use your antivirus to get maximum performance from your laptop.

Remove Bloatware

Bloatware is an application that is automatically available on the first purchase of a PC or laptop.

Well sometimes, you do not need to support these programs from your work.

Even this program can sometimes run for the first time when starting the process (startup / boot).

Therefore, you need to remove it from the laptop for faster performance.

To install bloatware programs, simply follow these steps:

  • Open it first Control panel From the Start menu, then scroll down a bit and you can find the control panel. Click on the text.
  • Enter the control panel window, then go to menu options Uninstall install Or change programs
  • You can then remove the software that contains the bloatware. You can choose which apps to remove from your laptop.
  • done

Make restrictions on programs that run during the startup process

The startup process, or the first time a laptop or PC is turned on, is a process that requires a lot of energy.

Many programs also open and run automatically in the process. So to speed up the performance of the laptop, this application should be reduced in appearance when launched.

The trick is:

  • First of all, you have to open it start Menu in the lower left corner, then type MSCONFIGAnd click on the search result.
  • Enter the MSCONFIG window, go to the Startup tab and you will see various programs at startup.
  • To reduce the programs that appear during startup, uncheck the box or check box for each program. However, as additional information, never uncheck any hardware-related applications as this may cause new problems.
  • Done, click apply And Good. Then restart your laptop to see the changes.

Disable air effects

Finally, how to speed up the performance of the Windows 7 Ultimate laptop can also be applied by disabling the Aero effect.

Aero is actually an effect that beautifies the appearance of a Windows 7 laptop, but it also affects the performance speed of the laptop.

Therefore, it is better to disable this Aero effect for the sake of performance. The method is:

  • First, click the button start The menu is usually found in the lower left corner of the screen, then hover over it ComputerRight-click, then select an option Properties
  • A new Properties window then appears. Then the option “Advanced system settings
  • Enter the new window again, go to the tab AdvancedClick Performance Then Settings
  • You can then choose which feature to turn off or on. We suggest the option “Set for best Performance”. Then click apply, Then Good.
  • Then a change in appearance will be felt because in that option you are more concerned with the performance of the laptop than the appearance.

So an explanation of how to speed up the performance of a Windows 7 laptop. I hope it is useful!

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