5 ways to view the Windows 10 product key

13 October 2021

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Sometimes you need a product key in Windows 10 that you use for different purposes.

However, this product can not be accessed exactly like this because it is one of the computer identities. For that, you no longer need to be confused.

Here are some ways you can view the Windows 10 product key.

How to view the Windows 10 product key using NirSoft ProduKey

The first way you can try to see the Windows 10 product key is to use the help of a program called NirSoft ProduKey.

NirSoft ProduKey is a special program designed to view the keys of various products on your computer, including your Windows 10. Therefore, here is how to use it immediately.

  1. Of course, the first thing you need to do is download the app NirSoft ProduKey the first.
  2. Once the download is complete, extract it and you can open the program immediately.
  3. When this program is running, a list of all programs and operating systems will appear along with the product key used.
  4. But you need to remember, that you should Turn off the antivirus First before running NirSoft ProduKey. This is because antivirus detects this program as a virus, because getting the product key is something that can threaten the system.

How to view the product key in Windows 10 using the Magical Jelly Bean key finder

Another application that you can try to see the product key in Windows 10 is called Magical Jelly Bean KeyFinder.

This software has a function similar to NirSoft ProduKey, which is used to view the product key of the application.

Here’s how to use Magical Jelly Bean KeyFinder.

  1. Of course, you must first download an application called Magic Jelly Bean Finder the first.
  2. Just like NirSoft ProduKey, you should too Turn off the antivirus Used on your computer because this software is considered as an antivirus.
  3. Then extract the Magical Jelly Bean KeyFinder and run the application.
  4. Next, the page that first appears is the license agreement. You have to “change”Accept the agreement“, Then click on the option Next To go to the next step
  5. In the next window, please select the desired installation location. If you do not want to change the installation location, you can click next directly.
  6. The next window shows other tasks that you can create. After customizing those extra tasks, click on Options Next.
  7. On the window “Ready to installYou can directly click on the Install option to start the installation process of this one program.
  8. Check the “box” if the installation process is completeLaunch the key finderClick on “and”the end“.
  9. The Magical Jelly Bean KeyFinder app will then open automatically. In the box on the right, several programs installed on your Windows 10 and their product keys will appear, including the Windows 10 operating system you are using.

How to view Windows 10 product key without software

If you do not want to have the problem of downloading software to see the product key used in Windows 10 on your computer, you can try this method.

Although it is relatively simple and easy to do, you still have to do it right so that there are no mistakes.

For that, here is an explanation.

  1. The first step you can do is click on the logo menu Windows Which is located in the lower right corner.
  2. Then select in the menu search Its position on the desktop bar is exactly next to the Start button.
  3. Then type “ActivationIn the search field. The Activation menu will appear later.
  4. When the activation menu appears, you can see a row of numeric codes in the product key description. This is the key number of the product used in your Windows 10.

How to view Windows 10 product key with CMD

In addition to the above two methods, you can actually view the product key used in your Windows 10 using CMD or Command Prompt.

You must follow the steps to view this product key carefully so that no error occurs.

Therefore, here is how to view the Windows 10 product key using CMD.

  1. First, of course you have to open CMD or Command line. Do this by right-clicking on the Start menu and selecting “Options”.Command line (Admin)In addition, you can also click Start menu Then type “CMDThen click on the option above and press Enter.
  2. After you press Enter, the CMD or Command Prompt will then display the product key in a row of the alphabetic numbers you are currently using.

There are several ways to view the product key in Windows 10 above, but if you need this product key one day, do not worry.

You also do not need to look for the product key on the Internet or Windows 10 DVD.

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