Easy ways to activate Windows 10/7 and Lenovo laptop camera

23 October 2021

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How to enable Windows 10 laptop camera

How to activate the laptop camera

Activating a laptop camera in Windows 10 actually requires only two steps, namely installing the laptop camera driver and opening the camera application on the laptop.

Follow these steps for more details:

  • First, install the laptop camera driver on your laptop. The drivers are usually in the form of a CD that comes with the laptop when you buy it, or you can download it from your laptop’s official website.
  • After installing the driver, the next step is to run the camera app on the laptop. How to click the button start Type in the menu in the lower left corner “Camera“Then enter, the search results for the laptop camera app will appear. Click to open
  • Wait a moment for the camera app to open, then the camera on the laptop is active and ready to use.

Are you still using a Windows 8 laptop or even still using Windows 7?

The following How to update to Windows 10

How to enable Windows 7 laptop camera

How to activate the camera on a laptop

If you are using the previous version of Windows, Windows 7, there is a different method, but it is actually almost the same as the Windows 10 method.

To do this, refer to the following steps:

  • The first thing to do is install the camera driver. Once again, you can download the driver from the CD that came with your first laptop purchase, or download it from your laptop’s official website.
  • After installing the driver on the laptop, the next step is to click on the Start menu, open the camera app and then select all the apps.
  • Then look for the camera or camera app to run the camera on the laptop. Click on the program
  • Wait a few minutes for all apps to open. The laptop camera is also ready to use.
  • For Windows 8, however, there is a slight difference in the activation of the laptop camera
  • Of course, the first thing to do is install the driver. The method is the same as previously mentioned in Windows 10 and Windows 7.
  • Then click the Start button to launch the laptop camera app
  • Then click the Camera button
  • The camera app window will then be shown to you. This means that your laptop camera is ready to use.
  • done

How to activate Lenovo laptop camera

How to activate the camera on a laptop

You can follow these simple steps to activate your Lenovo brand laptop camera:

  • Turn on your laptop with the push of a button the power. Wait for the boot process to complete and the laptop to turn on completely.
  • Then click on the start menu, type “Device managementEnter “and the search results will appear. Click Device Manager
  • Then a new Device Manager window will appear in which all your laptop drivers will be displayed. Click the button Fn And F10 Update the device management window at the same time.
  • After refreshing, do you see the camera driver shooting? If there is, double-click the driver.
  • The camera is ready to use, try activating the camera by clicking on the camera app on the laptop

How to activate the laptop camera with the help of third-party applications

If the previous discussion was about activating the camera by default on the laptop, the next discussion is how to activate the camera on the laptop through third-party applications.

The steps are simple, you just need to download, install and then run this application.

Then your laptop camera is activated automatically. Here are some recommended applications for activating a laptop camera:

1. Yukam

How to activate the camera on a laptop

This application has been known in the last decade as an application for activating the laptop camera.

One of the advantages of Ucom is that there are various interesting effects that make you use your laptop camera to record videos or photos with unique effects.

Not only this, youcam also offers several options for editing your photos.

2. ManyCam

ManyCam is one of the best laptop camera applications today. If you are looking for an application that has many default settings for the editing process, you can choose ManyCam.

This is also the reason for the name ManyCam, meaning the many presets that can be used. ManyCam is also capable of capturing high-definition video.

3. The first video recording software

If you are prioritizing the main functions of a laptop camera without wanting to use the camera activator program, you can try a program called Debut Video Capture Software.

This app has a simple user interface, so it is great for beginners who prioritize the main functions of the laptop camera. Debut Video Capture software also supports video recording.

4. Yawcam

How to activate the laptop camera with the application

Yawcam, like Debut Video Capture software, has a simple, easy-to-use interface.

However, its simplicity does not eliminate interesting usable features such as recording and improving the quality of photos or images taken.

Several ways to activate the laptop camera are discussed above. it’s not hard? The most important thing is to install the driver and open the laptop camera app that is on the laptop.

Good luck and I hope it is useful!

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