How to make your own portable laptop desk model

18 October 2021

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Do you experience back pain due to sitting too much in front of a laptop? The solution is to use a portable laptop desk. With a portable laptop desk, you can enjoy the process of working on a laptop.

You can even lie down on your laptop to do something. Portable laptop desks, in addition to being functional, also have affordable prices.

Creating a portable laptop desk makes it easier for those of you who travel a lot with a laptop but can’t find a desk to support it.

There are many types of features on a portable desk, but before you go any further, you should first know the benefits of a portable laptop desk.

Benefits of a Portable Laptop Desk

Portable laptop desks have advantages over the fixed desks we often use, including:

  • It is made of plastic material, but nevertheless remains strong due to the quality of the plastic
  • It can be taken anywhere because it can be folded to fit easily in a bag.
  • It is light because it weighs less than 2 kg
  • The height of the portable laptop desk is usually adjustable up to 30 cm.
  • Laptops are suitable for any size and are used for portable laptop desks.
  • Portable laptop desks are very suitable for travel use and can be used in various surface areas such as car, sofa, chair, floor and even outdoors.
  • The portable table can be adjusted to a specific angle as well as the slope you want.
  • In addition, there is a cooling pad to keep the laptop warm. There are several accessories such as a mouse pad, a place to store drinks, a USB cable and a place to put stationery.

Portable laptop desk models

Here are some commonly used portable laptop desks on the market.

The following models have their own advantages that you can consider:

1. Folding laptop desk

Folding laptop tables are usually as simple as a regular folding table.

Made of wood, equipped with two table bases and some small, medium to large.

You can use a large folding table to place a portable keyboard or place a drink when working with a laptop.

The price of a folding laptop table is in the range of 150-200 thousand rupees.

2. Wooden laptop desk

Unlike a folding laptop desk, a wooden desk laptop desk is just a wooden board that is intended to hold a laptop. There was no desk base.

In addition to storage space for laptops, there is extra space for notebooks and stationery.

Interestingly, in the laptop compartment, holes are created to dissipate heat from the laptop.

3. Laptop table set, sitting chair

This table can be called a multi-purpose portable laptop table because in addition to the laptop case, it is also equipped with a chair that can be used by its users to sit.

However, this table can be folded so that it can be easily carried anywhere.

This relatively complex table is priced at around 400-500 thousand for one.

4. Plastic board laptop desk

Now this one is almost like a wooden board laptop desk. However, this table material is made of sturdy and sturdy plastic.

There is also a feature that allows you to adjust the slope of the laptop to use it from any angle more easily. Plastic board laptop table in the price range of about 300 to 350 thousand rupees.

5. Aluminum portable laptop table

Apart from wood and plastic, the laptop table is made of aluminum. Its nature is almost similar to that made of plastic, the aluminum laptop table is light but sturdy and strong to withstand the weight of the laptop.

Aluminum laptop table with a simple design provides a special place for the laptop and is priced at about 200,000 rupees.

Build your own portable laptop desk

If you do not want to buy a portable laptop desk because it is expensive, you can make it yourself.

You can use wood to make a simple portable laptop desk equipped with a mouse pad and 2 installable fans.

Follow these steps to build a simple portable laptop desk:

  • Prepare the required materials, namely two blocks of wood, two fans, a mouse pad, bolts and wire.
  • The first step is to cut the wooden blocks according to the size of the laptop we have.
  • Adjust the design so that the fan is installed under the wooden board table.
  • Then place the mouse next to the place to place the laptop under which the fan or fan is installed.
  • Assemble the wooden board table and fasten several parts using bolts.
  • done

These are just a few things about portable laptop desks, from the benefits of portable laptop desk models to the steps of making a laptop desk that you can make yourself.

We hope this article has provided the information you need.

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