Teamviewer is the best program for connecting to a computer

17 October 2021

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It can be said that the rapid development of technology and communication in its present form has many effects on various activities, one of which is communication or communication between devices.

If in the past computers could only be used by users for different types of activities, now you can communicate with other computers.

With the Internet, you can do many things through computers that are shared with other computers.

Of course, this can be done with the help of applications, one of which is Teamviewer.

Teamviewer is a program that can be used for media access and remote support.

What is TeamViewer?

The team is the viewer

As mentioned earlier, Teamviewer is a remote software or application that connects one computer device to another.

The connection between these two devices is done using the Internet.

Therefore, this program makes it easier for you to share between computers without the need for hardware assistance.

The Teamviewer app also allows two computer devices to chat, transfer files, make video calls, and more.

In other words, the person using the program will have a partner from a paired computer with similar Internet access. The first person can run the computer on the second person as well.

In fact, there are three types of Teamviewer you can use.

These include the installer or application, the original web version as well as the portable version.

The three versions of Timeviewer certainly have the same functions and applications.

Only the form of use is different. You just have to choose the version you want.

Teamviewer functions

Teamviewer function

If you already understand what is called Teamviewer, of course you can already know the importance and effectiveness of the program.

In addition, there are several Teamviewer functions that assist with almost all of your computer activities.

Below are some of the functions of the Teamviewer application.

  • The first function is as a remote control. With this remote control you can control the computer from a second person. However, you need to know the identity of the second computer. All you have to do is enter the ID of the second computer, then click Connect to partner. You can then access it remotely.
  • The next function of Teamviewer is file transfer. It can be said that it is quite similar to a server and a client. To transfer the file from the server to the client or vice versa, you just have to drag and drop. Of course, this will be very easy even for beginners.
  • Another function of Teamviewer is for meetings. There are two columns on the left, where the organizer can provide access to meetings with other people. Just by entering the session ID you can click on the instant session option and participate in another session and you can join immediately.
  • Teamviewer’s latest function is to make calls and chat. Through this application, you can make both voice and video calls. Not only do you make calls, but you can also send messages to each other like using social media with a second-person computer.

How to use Teamviewer

Download the latest Teamviewer

Once you know the functions of Teamviewer, you can decide if the program is worth using.

If you’re interested in using it, then you need to know how. As difficult as it may seem, you still have to be careful not to make mistakes.

For that, here are a few steps to follow.

  1. The first step is to download and install the Teamviewer application on the two computers you want to use. But if you want to use the web version of Teamviewer, you can go directly to the official website Download the latest Weaver team Through a web browser program on your computer.
  2. Then run the Teamviewer app on both computers. Wait for each computer’s ID and password to be displayed.
  3. Then, if you want to do the remote control process using the Internet, connect the computer to the Internet.
  4. Then select the type of connection you want to use. Some of the connection options you can choose from include presentation, remote support as well as file transfer.
  5. Finally, enter the computer ID that is used along with the password as a remote. Then click on the “Connect to partner” command. Make sure the computer ID and password you entered are correct. In case of error, of course, the process of connecting these two computers will not work.
  6. The two computers that you use as a server and a client are ready to use for different purposes.

If you already know how to use Teamviewer as described above, you can, of course, do a variety of activities with your colleagues or friends over the computer.

You just have to do it carefully so that you do not make a mistake.

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