The educational advantage of Windows 10

October 14, 2021

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Windows 10 tutorial

It can be said that the operating system that is widely used today is Microsoft Windows.

In its latest generation, Windows 10, Microsoft also offers several versions that can be adapted to the needs of its users.

One version that is very interesting to try is Windows 10 Education.

Benefits of Windows 10 Training

This version of Windows 10 is built on Windows Enterprise and offers all the ease of management and security at the enterprise level that many schools want.

Windows 10 is specifically designed for educational needs.

In addition, the benefits of the Windows 10 training version are as follows.

  • You can do Upgrade to Windows 1 Professional Edition0 to get a variety of advanced features such as BitLocker encryption. However, many features are not provided for ordinary Windows users.
  • You can choose LTSB Or often as “Long-term service branchThis will support the operating system you use for a long time with updates.
  • Lets you do Install Windows on a USB flash drive As well as external hard drive. You can do this installation on any computer.
  • existence AppLocker Which allows you to set rules for user accounts that can run certain applications. You can also create this AppLocker rule using the Local Security Policy editor.
  • Microsoft has restricted some Group Policy settings. This group policy setting is limited to actions that are underestimated.
  • There is a useful feature to disable the download of various third-party applications when creating a new account.
  • You also cannot display the lock screen. This will make the laptop or computer used by the hacker more secure.

Benefits of Windows 10 Pro Training

In addition to the training version of Windows 10, Microsoft has also released a professional version of Windows 10.

Of course, the purpose of releasing Windows 10 is to make its users feel more comfortable.

Similar to 10 Education, 10 Pro Education is specifically designed to meet educational needs.

For that, here are some benefits of the Pro Education version of Windows 10.

  • This operating system can be installed on all computer devices.
  • There is a feature called “Setting up school PCsApplications This feature allows settings to be provided using a USB flash drive and is not included in Windows Spotlog, Contana and Windows Store Suggestion.
  • It has a lighter screen, so all users of other versions of Windows can still enjoy this version of Windows 10.
  • You can also run programs that are less secure on Windows safely.
  • The Contana feature is built to focus more as an assistant with integration with applications such as Outlook and To-Do.
  • It is important to know that this version of Windows 10 Pro Education also has all the features that are present in Windows 10 Pro. So you can find all the benefits of Windows 10 Pro in this version of Windows.
  • If there are some default programs in Windows Home that cannot be uninstalled, you can uninstall all the default programs in this version of Windows 10 Pro Education.

Windows 10 Education vs Pro Comparison

Windows 10 Pro Education

Once you know some of the benefits of the two versions of Windows 10 above, you probably already know which version is right for you.

However, if you are still confused, you can find a comparison between the training version of Windows 10 and the Pro version.

Immediately, here is an explanation you should know.

  • it is good Windows 10 training version Or professional, Both have the same main features. These features include user experience, user interface, Start menu and other support features such as Windows Hello, Contana, Virtual Desktop, Continuum as well as Edge browser.
  • that in Pro version, You can postpone the Windows update for up to 8 months. While in Education version you can turn off the update command.
  • If the version education More is created for the training domain, then Windows Pro has a larger domain. So if you are using Windows 10 for various business purposes, it will certainly be more effective if you use the Pro version of Windows.
  • However, the training version of Windows 10 has more advantages in training applications. This version of Windows has some additional features for training that the Pro version or even other versions of Windows do not have.

If you understand a little of the above information, you probably already know which version of Windows 10 is worth using.

But of course, you still have to adjust the choice of this version of Windows according to its application to have more effective performance.

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