Tips for buying and installing interesting laptop stickers

16 October 2021

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Laptop sticker

Do you want to beautify your laptop? Just put a laptop label that you can easily get in various computer stores and online stores.

Laptop labels can beautify the laptop and protect it from scratches and dust.

In the following article, we will discuss more about how to buy, install and also remove the laptop label.

Laptop stickers, or Garskin as they are commonly called, are stickers made of special materials that are mounted on top of the laptop (behind the laptop screen) to help enhance the appearance of the laptop as well as protect the laptop from certain scratches.

Laptop stickers are widely sold in stores with various designs such as logos, Asus laptop stickers, cartoon characters, landscapes and more.

The benefits of installing a sticker on a laptop

The benefits of installing a sticker on a laptop

In addition to the beauty and protection of the laptop, the laptop sticker has other benefits, including:

  • Laptops look different from other laptops, so they give you a unique look. That way, if you have a friend who has the same laptop, you will have no problem finding your own laptop with a label.
  • Provides comfort when you are moving around using a laptop. Installing the sticker design you like has a positive effect on encouraging you not to get bored when you open your laptop and do your homework.
  • Laptop tags can describe the user’s personality. So when you buy, choose the label you like. For example, you choose a label with the Manchester United logo. Of course, when installing, people will easily find out if you are a Manchester United fan or not.

Tips for buying a laptop sticker

Tips for buying a laptop sticker

Buying a laptop label should be tailored to your taste and needs.

The following should be considered when buying a laptop label, including:

  • When buying a laptop sticker, price is the first priority. Choose a price according to your budget. The average laptop label is priced from 30,000 to 120,000 depending on the size and quality of the material used.
  • Do not buy sticker size, laptop sticker, but its size is wrong for your laptop. Especially for the labels of the whole body of the laptop, which are the same size as the screen. Pay attention to the size of the laptop before buying
  • Sticker material. The quality of the label material also determines whether your laptop looks good or not. Avoid adhesives made of thin paper as they will come off on their own. Choose a material that is specifically used for laptop tags because the main function of this tag is not only for display, but also for protection or protection.
  • Sticker design. The material is of good quality, so the label design should also be good. For this issue, it is adjusted to the taste of each person.
  • Adhesive. The adhesive on the sticker is also considered so that the sticker is properly installed on your laptop.
  • Choose a retailer that has been tested and is a trusted retailer for both stores and online retailers. To be sure, you can read the descriptions of previous buyers.

How to install laptop stickers

How to install laptop stickers

It can be said that stickers are laptop accessories that make the laptop look beautiful.

Therefore, to install it, you need to be careful and patient so that the sticker is installed well.

Follow these steps:

  • Buy stickers that match your personality from laptop label stores
  • Before attaching the sticker, you must clean the surface of the laptop where the sticker is placed. You can use eucalyptus oil as a cleanser.
  • Gently peel off the label layer of the laptop. You can use an iron ruler to smooth the label during gluing.
  • Spray water on slippery or misplaced laptops.
  • Next, use a heater like a match to stick the label to the surface of the laptop. But do not take too long when you light a match on the surface of the laptop. Or you can use a hair dryer and then mark the edges of the label.
  • When done, the label on your laptop is installed.

How to remove laptop stickers

How to remove laptop stickers

If you want to remove the laptop label because you want to sell your laptop. Then follow these steps:

  • Make sure that the label you remove is not a warranty label or a label that indicates the correctness of the software, processor label, or warning label. It is better not to remove the sticker because it should be there. If it is removed, people who buy your laptop will doubt that it is genuine
  • A laptop that has been used for years, it is possible that the pasted label is already sticky and difficult to remove again. So let go slowly and do not rush to tear by force.
  • Peel off the label, try to remove it from the corner
  • After digging, clean the surface of the laptop from the rest of the sticker. You can use vegetable oil and paper towels to clean the remnants of the label paper on the surface of the laptop.
  • done

Above are a few tips on laptop tags. Please try to buy, then install your laptop sticker on your laptop. May be helpful!

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