4 tips for choosing the best wireless mouse


Wireless mice are more popular than wired mice.

Using this type of mouse is much easier and more practical. This type of wireless mouse can be connected to a computer device using a small transceiver.

There are several types of wireless mouse on the market right now, so it will not be difficult for you to buy.

Before deciding to buy, several important points should be considered.

This is while the offered prices are from 60,000 Tomans to 200,000 Tomans.

Tips for choosing a wireless mouse if needed

In order not to make a mistake in choosing a wireless mouse, it is recommended to pay attention to the following points:

1. Notice the sharpness of the mouse movement

The first thing to consider before buying a wireless mouse is the sharpness of the mouse pointer on the desktop screen. If higher, of course hand movement is also required.

With the smooth movement of the mouse, it does not make you feel tired in your fingers and wrists.

2. Pay attention to the battery

This type of mouse does not need a cable, but requires a battery as power.

Seeing this before buying, you must pay attention to the condition of the battery.

Types of laptop batteries you must know. In addition, it is better to choose the type of mouse equipped with the power button, sleep mode and other features of battery saving.

3. Guarantee

This warranty depends on the price of the wireless mouse you buy. Given the price offered, some are cheap, but some are expensive.

Expensive wireless mouse type usually has a warranty.

But you should know that the age of the mouse is calculated based on the number of clicks you have made.

4. Convenience and mouse size

It is very impressive for the size of this mouse in terms of comfort when using the mouse. For that, it is better to try the mouse first before buying.

The goal is to match your hand with the mouse. Make sure the mouse is not too small, but not too big.

The best wireless mouse price list under 200 thousand

It was explained above that for the price of a wireless mouse, some are expensive and some are cheap.

For those of you who want to buy a mouse at a low price below Rs 200,000, the following list of mice is more recommended. Including:

1. Logitech M280

Logitech M280 Wireless Mouse

This Logitech M280 mouse offers a battery life of up to 18 months.

The advantage of this mouse is that it can be used for Chrome, Linux and even Windows operating systems.

In terms of design, this wireless mouse is very attractive and sophisticated. This wireless mouse is equipped with Logitech’s advanced optical tracking sensor.

2. Slec NC18

Slec NC 18 Wireless Mouse

To be able to have this type of mouse, you only need to spend a budget of about 60,000 rupees.

This mouse is compatible with all types of computers, including Windows and Mac.

While the size of this wireless sliding mouse is 9.2 x 5.5 x 4 cm. The resolution of this mouse can reach 1600 dpi and its frame rate is up to 3500 FPS.

3. Logitech M238

Logitech M238 wireless mouse

This type of mouse has a very colorful design because it is equipped with a wide range of colors and completely different models. Users can choose according to taste.

The advantage of this mouse is that it is equipped with a resolution of 1000 dpi and a nano receiver. In addition, you can work up to a distance of 10 meters.

4. Logitech M187

Logitech M187 Wireless Mouse

If you want a wireless mouse that is not too big, the Logitech M187 is the best mouse, as it weighs only 51.9 grams.

Even with the small size, users can still feel comfortable, because this mouse gives the feeling that it is more portable.

5. Logitech M170

Logitech M170 Wireless Mouse

You can find a mouse with a simple contour and design on the Logitech M170. This type of mouse is very comfortable to hold. The offered price is very affordable, which is only about 100,000 rupees.

This is while the weight of this Logitech mouse reaches 70.5 grams. It looks very cool as well as light, so it is suitable for both men and women.

6. Logitech M185

Logitech M185 Wireless Mouse

This type of mouse has a very slim design and is very comfortable to hold.

This Logitech m185 is equipped with a very reliable nano-receiver, so even if you rarely disconnect it from the computer’s USB port, it will not be easily damaged.

Although it has a simple impression, it still shows a first-class effect.

Determining the choice of wireless or wireless mouse is not easy, because given the many choices available in the market, potential buyers should be careful.

Some of the mouse list recommendations above can be used as reviews. To avoid making the wrong choice, follow some of the tips above. I hope it is useful, respectfully Action Techno!

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