Advantages of OTG Flash Drive Compared to Conventional Flash Drive

You will now find USB OTG features that allow you to transfer data directly from a flash drive without using a computer.

This OTG flash drive is more convenient for users because it is considered to save a lot more time and space during data transfer.

For those of you who work often and deal with data transfer, these USB OTG features make your job easier.

The user can complete the task simply by connecting a USB OTG flash drive to Android or iPhone.

Users can even type via a physical keyboard or mouse.

Advantages of OTG Flash Drive Compared to Conventional Flash Drive

As we all know, Flash is a hardware device that is often used for active storage of software data. It is also very diverse for the size of the flash.

While the main function of Flash is for external storage media on the computer.

But now it has set the flash port on the gadget. Of course, this makes it easier for users.

Of course, compared to regular flash drives, this USB OTG flash drive can offer many advantages that attract more attention, including:

1. Can transfer files to smartphone

If on a regular flash drive you can only transfer and save files via PC or laptop computer, but on a USB OTG flash drive this is different. OTG Flash can transfer files directly to smartphones.

This method is great for those of you who often run out of memory on their smartphones, so you can transfer it to a USB OTG flash drive.

2. 2 in 1 storage capability

Unlike a regular flash that can only be connected to a laptop or computer. However, this OTG flash drive has 2-in-1 storage capability.

For the first feature, it can be used to store information or transfer from computer to flash and vice versa.

As for the ability of both, the USB OTG flash drive, it can be used to store files and data on a smartphone.

Of course, this makes users feel comfortable thanks to this USB OTG flash drive.

3. More effective

The advantage that users can feel from this USB OTG flash is that it can be used more efficiently both in terms of energy and time.

This is because you can work with a smartphone while doing other activities or activities. You can make better use of it.

4. Has fast performance

The performance of this USB OTG flash memory is much faster than the usual type of flash.

For these benefits, it does not take long to use when copying files, as this USB flash drive is ready to help you copy data faster.

How to check if the OTG flash drive is compatible

When using this USB OTG flash drive on a smartphone, there are several things to consider, such as making sure that the flash drive is compatible.

To understand this, you can do the following:

  • For the first method, you can see if the USB port is the same on the part of the device you are going to use, such as a smartphone.
  • If the two ports are the same, you can log in to make sure they are compatible or not.
  • If you can log in, you can see in the smartphone device section. If the flash drive is compatible, a notification will appear on the device indicating that the USB OTG flash drive is installed or compatible. However, if there is no notification, it means that your USB OTG flash drive is not compatible with the device you are using.

Tips for choosing a USB OTG flash drive

There are several steps you can take to help you find the best OTG flash drive, such as the following:

1. Pay attention to capacity

Just like a regular flash drive, which has a different capacity for each flash drive, from 1 GB to 64 GB.

If the capacity of USB OTG flash is higher, of course, the price of OTG flash is also more expensive.

We recommend that you adjust it to your needs so that money is not wasted.

2. Pay attention to the materials

The quality of the material makes the flash more durable.

This is also true if you choose the type of flash with materials that are not of good quality.

Of course, it quickly corrupts the USB OTG flash.

Choose cable materials that are elastic and thick. It is better not to be deceived by the appearance of flash memory.

Current technological advances have succeeded in making flash drives increasingly popular in the community.

Flashdisk is not only used in computer devices, but can also be used in smart devices.

This is why people are also interested in following the times so that they can make all activities easier.

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