How to use the Samsung wireless charger

As you know, Samsung is one of the best smartphone manufacturers right now.

Of course, Samsung is always making improvements to all of its products to meet the needs of its users.

One result of this development is the existence of a new device called the Samsung Wireless Charger.

As the name implies, the wireless charger is a new technology that is also used in terms of charging.

The use of cables that previously connected the adapter and the smartphone has now been replaced by network or wireless.

Therefore, you will not find a connecting cable in this device.

Benefits of Samsung Wireless Charger

Samsung Wireless Charger

The presence of this new Samsung device, of course, is not without reason.

Its purpose is to improve the previous generation of devices.

Many things have changed to become a new device.

For that, here are some of the benefits of the Samsung Wireless Charger.

  • It can be said that using this wireless charger is simpler and less complicated than a regular charger. This is due to the existence of a wireless network, as an alternative to the cable that is the interface between the smartphone and the adapter.
  • In terms of durability, this device is more durable than conventional chargers. This is because you do not need to disconnect or connect the cable, either on the adapter or on the smartphone. Using this device, you can avoid the problems that usually occur in the cable.
  • Can prevent the risk of short circuit. A short circuit usually occurs if you charge through a standard charger that has a problem with its adapter or cable. A power connection can damage the connected smartphone.
  • This Samsung wireless charger will be easier to carry anywhere. In its simplest form, when you put it in your bag, you no longer have to worry about the cable folding. You also do not have to worry about cable damage and inability to work.

Disadvantages of Samsung Wireless Charger

As it turns out, almost all man-made tools or equipment must have its drawbacks. This also applies to Samsung wireless chargers.

Although this device has many advantages and disadvantages, but this device also has disadvantages that should be considered as follows.

  • Compared to the normal type of charger, this device is less efficient. The charge you make with this wireless charger is a bit slower because it uses a wireless network. Therefore, power consumption will be relatively less.
  • Most wireless chargers on the market warm up your smartphone. The same thing happens with Samsung wireless chargers. Although not as hot as other brands of wireless chargers, it makes your smartphone hotter than regular chargers.
  • Using a bezel is one way to help protect your body against a smartphone. However, using an overly thick case will only interfere with charging through this wireless charger.
  • Compared to the regular type of charger, of course, the price of this Samsung wireless charger is more expensive. This is because wireless chargers use very sophisticated technology, even more sophisticated than other types of chargers that still use cable.

How to use the Samsung wireless charger

Samsung Wireless Charger

In addition to the advantages and disadvantages, of course, you also need to know how to use this Samsung wireless charger.

Although it may seem easy, you still have to do it carefully so that there is no mistake that can be fatal.

For that, here are some steps you need to take.

  • The first step, of course, is to get a wireless charger from Samsung, as well as a smartphone that is about to charge.
  • Then plug in the wireless charger. This device, despite being wireless or cordless, still needs electricity in its operating system.
  • When the wireless charger is plugged in, place your smartphone on top of the charger. Make sure your smartphone is charging successfully.
  • If charging via a smartphone is not possible, you need to adjust its position to be correct. Situations that are too left or right will prevent the charging process from running.
  • Finally, you just have to wait for the charging process to complete and your smartphone battery to charge. If it is full, you can immediately pick up the fully charged smartphone.
  • With this, charging has been done successfully using Samsung Wireless Charger.

In addition to some of the information described above, you should also know the price of the Samsung Wireless Charger.

The price of the original Samsung charger in the center of Samsung is very expensive, ranging from 600 to 750 thousand rupees.

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