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Wireless keyboard

With the advancement of technology and information, of course, it affects the various devices that you usually use.

One of the effects of this development is the elimination of the use of cables on various hardware such as keyboards.

With the many benefits that this wireless keyboard will bring, keyboard use has begun to be widely used.

The benefits of a wireless keyboard

As mentioned earlier, this type of wireless keyboard has many advantages over the older type of keyboard that still uses cable.

If you do not know it, then here are some benefits of a wireless keyboard that you should know.

  • The main advantage of this type of keyboard, of course, is without the use of cables. So the mobility factor is strongly supported by this keyboard. You can use it anywhere without the hassle of adjusting the cable length.
  • This type of keyboard is also simple and tidy. With this keyboard, you will not see messy cables on the table you are using. You just have to find the right position as long as it is connected to your PC or laptop.
  • In general, a regular keyboard can only be used on a PC or laptop, but it is different from a wireless keyboard. Most of these keyboards can be used for a variety of devices, including smartphones.

Disadvantages of wireless keyboard

Of the several advantages you will get from using a wireless keyboard above, there are some disadvantages that can be felt.

This bug is usually something you should think about before using this type of keyboard.

For that, here are some disadvantages of using a wireless or cordless keyboard.

  • One of the major drawbacks of the first wireless keyboard is its less responsiveness. In general, the response displayed on this type of keyboard will be longer than on a regular keyboard.
  • If you are using a regular type of keyboard, you can use it immediately after the cable is connected to the device. However, it is different with a wireless keyboard. You must configure the device you are using.
  • As previously explained, as long as the cable is connected to the device, you can use a regular keyboard immediately. If you’re using a wireless keyboard, you should also consider a rechargeable battery.
  • You may be able to find a variety of models on the old type keyboard. However, models of this type of wireless keyboard are still limited. In addition, the features provided are not as good as the old keyboard that uses cable.
  • The last thing that may be a drawback of this wireless keyboard is its price. It can be said that the price of this type of keyboard is still very expensive. It is even more expensive than the usual keyboard type.

Recommended wireless keyboard brand

If you already know and understand the advantages and disadvantages of this type of wireless keyboard as described above, of course you can decide in advance whether to use this type of keyboard or not.

If you are planning to use it, here are some tips for the best brands of wireless keyboards.

  • Logitech K480 Multi-Device, a keyboard that you can connect directly to devices that already have Bluetooth or wireless receivers. This Logitech wireless keyboard can create up to three profiles depending on your settings.
  • Slim portable wireless keyboard Arteck HB030B, a portable wireless keyboard that is small in size and simple in shape. The keyboard also has two light levels with seven different colors produced by LED backlight.
  • Logitech K70 Multi-Device, a wireless keyboard designed for use with a variety of devices. This keyboard is relatively large because it offers numeric keys. The smartphone holder is available at the top.
  • IClever Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard, a keyboard that brings the concept of folding to a more compact look. Inside, there are LED backlit lights that can produce three different colors from two levels of light.
  • The Logitech K380 Bluetooth Keyboard is a product from Logitech that has the simplest shape among other Logitech products. However, this keyboard offers numeric keys and can also be used on three devices simultaneously.
  • Microsoft Surface Keyboard, a keyboard recommended for users of Microsoft products. However, this keyboard can still be used for non-Microsoft products. This keyboard also offers numeric keys on the right.
  • Anker Ultra-Compact Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard is a wireless keyboard that looks very small, lightweight, and simple. This is a keyboard designed specifically for those of you who like to travel.

Of course, with a little information about the above wireless keyboard, you can determine the brand of keyboard used in advance.

You just have to adjust the keyboard selection to suit your needs and wants.

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