3+ easy ways to clean virus on laptop

October 2, 2021

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How to clean the virus on the laptop

Viruses or malware in laptops always cause their own problems for the performance of the laptop you are using.

Viruses or malware can not only damage your system, but also make your laptop run heavier and slower.

So you need to know how to remove the virus on your laptop, which we will discuss in the following article.

But before proceeding, you must first know the types of viruses that attack your laptop, including:

  • Cream or creamWhich is a type of virus that can be spread on a laptop without the need for user interaction
  • SpywareWhich is a virus that can install itself on the device without the knowledge of the laptop user.
  • Trojan It is a type of virus that can enter a laptop without the full interaction of the laptop user.

Using CMD

How to remove the virus on this laptop does not require another program, because it uses only the CMD menu in Windows.

Follow the steps below to do this:

  • Open the CMD or Command Prompt menu on your laptop by clicking start Menu, type CMD Then the search results will appear in the form of a CMD menu, click on the menu
  • Enter the Command Prompt window, then type the command in the black background with the following text:dir D: attrib –s –h / s / d“, Then press Enter. The letter D indicates a list on your laptop, so if you want to check another list, just replace the letter D.
  • The Command Prompt menu also scans all the files in the list you want. For example, you type directory D, then all the files that are displayed are from directory D.
  • Next you need to look for files that are suspected of being virus or malware. It is usually written on the back of the file EXE Something that is foreign or we rarely see its existence.
  • If you have found, Delete the file In CMD, or you can delete it via Regedit by clicking start، Run Then enter RegeditClick Edit Then to findAnd enter the virus file.
  • done

Using the Task Manager

In addition, Task manager can also be used as a way to clean your laptop from viruses.

The concept is to turn off unfamiliar services on your laptop from the Task Manager menu.

Consider the following steps:

  • Open Task Manager by clicking on your laptop Ctrl + shift + Escape Simultaneous
  • The Task Manager window then appears on your laptop screen. It displays several programs that are currently running in the background. If there is something you suspect, immediately turn off one of these programs by clicking End of process.
  • Then you have to log in MSConfig
  • Then click on Options Service, Then you will be shown several choices of programs that run on your laptop. Look for suspicious programs that you think you have never installed on your laptop. Remove the check mark Presented in the column
  • Then, go to the tab Startup. If here you should check the files that you think are suspected of being virus or malware. Click Good
  • The last step, Delete the file Through the Command Prompt as mentioned above.
  • done

Use antivirus

The third way is to use an antivirus. Using antivirus can be one of the ways to take care of your laptop, which is very common among many people.

There are many antivirus programs out there or you install them yourself, such as AVG, Smadav, Avast to Avira.

Here is how to remove the virus through antivirus:

  • Open the antivirus program that you think is most dangerous, such as Smadav.
  • Then in the options section ScanSelect Full scan To check all files on the computer or a quick scan to check only specific drives.
  • Click Full Scan, then the cleaning is complete but takes longer.
  • The scan results will then appear, then proceed clean
  • Smadav then acts against the viruses or malware that are found. It can delete anything or delete infected files.
  • done

By reinstalling

If some of the above methods could not remove the virus on your laptop, the last thing you can do is Reinstallation.

To reinstall, make sure you first back up your important data to an external hard drive.

This is because all data in C is automatically deleted when reinstalled.

Here are some ways you can get rid of viruses on your laptop and practice.

Choose one of these methods that is safest and most convenient for you.

If the laptop is free of viruses or malware, it will always perform well.

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