Simple! How to install Windows 7


To the average person, installing an operating system such as Windows can be daunting and difficult.

In fact, you can easily follow how to install Windows 7 through various tutorials scattered on the Internet.

Therefore, currently installing such an operating system does not require a high level of knowledge of computer technology.

How to install Windows 7

An operating system is required to be able to use your PC or laptop as much as possible. This is usually done early in production before a device is launched.

In other cases, the operating system is installed if the existing operating system has problems such as expired or needs to be updated. This is then known as reinstalling or reinstalling.

To reduce the risk of errors, you need to know how to reinstall Windows 7. Please note that Windows 7 is the easiest Windows operating system to install.

UninstallOr reinstalling from scratch (from scratch) is the best way to overcome various problems that occur in an operating system, including problems that can not be solved by troubleshooting.

In addition to using a CD or DVD, Windows 7 installation can be easily done using Flash.

To do this, you need to create a flash drive, which will then come with an iso file. Fills from Windows Installer.

Without any introduction, see how to install Windows 7 with the arrow below.

How to install Windows 7 with flash drive

Before installation, it is strongly recommended that you back up all the data you have on your PC or laptop. This is because all existing data is lost during reinstallation.

You can do this by making a DVD, CD, external hard drive or even a flash drive, it all depends on the size of your files. Then follow these steps:

  1. Insert the flash disk containing the file Windows 7 installer. Make sure the flash drive is free of viruses and contains only the installation file.
  2. restart Your computer or laptop
  3. During the boot process, press the corresponding key to enter the boot menu. This button is different for each brand. However, it is generally the corresponding button F1، F2Or F8.
  4. Once successful, in the boot device menu, add the flash disk option containing the installer file to the first boot option to make the computer prioritize the process. the boot from device
  5. If successful, usually word screen “Press any key to turn off the flash drive“Or something like that. When you see this, press any key on your keyboard to enter the installation process.
  6. If the initial steps, steps 1 to 5, are successful, the Windows installation window will appear. Click on the arrows on the page.
  7. Click on the box “I accept the terms of the contractThen click Next. This is always done by different developers to ensure that the user agrees to the various terms and conditions set by the developer.
  8. Select Custom-made (Advanced) Because you do not upgrade the Windows operating system.
  9. In the next window, select Disk partition Where you want to put Windows 7 installation files, make sure you have a free partition of at least 10 GB. After that, click Next.
  10. When there is a window Warning That appears, please click Good. The Windows installation process runs and you can control it through the Windows Installing window that appears.
  11. After completing the installation process, the PC or laptop will return restart With newly installed operating system

How not easy? The steps described above are one of the many ways to reinstall Windows 7 with Flash.

By following the Windows 7 reinstall method, you can upgrade your Windows 7 at no extra cost or hassle.

It should be noted that the use of original Microsoft products is highly recommended.

Before you can fully use it, here are some things to keep in mind shortly after restarting Windows 7 with the flash drive:

  • Launch Windows Updates.
  • tuning Computer name According to your wishes in the main account
  • Area entrance Time And History
  • Select the type Network Which will be used
  • Insert Product key Which is related to the Microsoft product that you are using.
  • If a notification window appears, you can click the button Next.

If you follow these steps correctly, you can breathe easy because your Windows 7 operating system is already usable.

Finally, you are expected to take care of this operating system as much as possible to prevent unwanted errors. Good luck, hello action!

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