Tips for choosing the best antivirus for your laptop


Antivirus is software that can be used to protect your computer and laptop against a variety of harmful viruses.

The best type of antivirus for a laptop certainly has a lightweight memory that is effective as well as strong in protecting the laptop or computer from viruses.

Antivirus function is to detect, remove virus programs and prevent malware.

The best antivirus programs for laptops

Among the many best antivirus options for laptops, you can see some of the following antivirus lists that are most recommended for laptop or PC users:

1. Free Panda

For this antivirus, it protects Windows and protects USB flash drives.

While the free version is the first evolution of antivirus based on collective intelligence.

This antivirus has a unique system, that is, it destroys the virus and detects other threats.

2. AVG

AVG has full functions as an anti-spyware and antivirus, such as email scanners, scanning options, links, auto-updates, scheduling and more.

This type of virus supports Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 Vista and XP SP3.

3. Avast

This avast anti-virus software is equipped with exploratory engineers that can detect malware or viruses that were previously unknown to users.

In addition, this antivirus is able to support Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Vista SP2 and XP SP3.

4. BitDefender

Bitdefender is the lightest and most graphic anti-virus software.

It’s actually very easy to configure using less system resources or not even slow down your laptop or computer.

There is a free antivirus version that supports Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

The important role of antivirus in laptops

Antivirus not only acts as a virus destroyer, but over time, the antivirus has undergone many changes, especially in terms of performance, which is much more complex than previous software.

This can be proven by some of the antivirus functions listed below:

1. Do a scan

Antivirus can also scan multiple types of computers to protect your computer from virus attacks.

For this advantage, it really supports the company, why should you use an antivirus as a way to maintain and facilitate the client’s computer because it can be updated automatically immediately.

2. Stop the malicious program

The antivirus can detect some programs that it considers dangerous in the computer system so that the antivirus works through the file extensions and the antivirus automatically approaches them.

For exe file types, the antivirus will run it immediately, even if it does not have a virus file.

3. Protection on web pages

For those of you who enjoy cyber browsing, antivirus software is very important because it can be used to protect web pages to prevent malware viruses that often infect multiple browsers. کرد.

For this virus, malware is usually spread through advertisements while browsing the Internet.

Tips for choosing an antivirus according to the needs of the laptop

Because there are so many anti-virus software to find, it often confuses you about choosing the best antivirus for your laptop that fits your laptop needs.

To make this easier for you, please follow these simple tips:

1. Choose an antivirus that has comprehensive protection

The best antivirus that you can choose for your laptop is a fully antivirus, because it can completely eliminate all types of viruses.

For example, such as trojans, ransomware, worms, spyware and so on.

2. Regular updates

Viruses will actually continue to grow with the use of laptops.

Therefore, it is recommended to choose the type of antivirus that is always updated or updated to be able to fight the latest available viruses.

The higher the update frequency, the better the antivirus works.

3. Compatible with operating system

The choice of antivirus should be adjusted with the operating system so that no burden is placed on the system.

If your laptop or computer system is overwhelmed by the antivirus you are using, it will definitely slow down your laptop or computer system.

4. Real-time protection

Real-time protection means that if there is a file that has the potential to pose a system security threat, the antivirus will immediately notify the system and protect the system by eliminating all types of threats.

By doing this, the security of the laptop can be properly maintained.

Antivirus is actually a type of software that must belong to laptop or computer users.

The goal is to completely clean the computer or laptop of the virus. Because the presence of a virus can actually harm computer users.

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