Tips for choosing the best USB hub

USB hub is required as a tool to connect other devices to the computer. Devices that are connected to a computer are not just a mouse or a flash drive.

However, many other devices are often connected to a computer. So you need the important role of the best USB hub.

What is a USB hub?

Extra tools are known as USB as a function of the USB component of computer peripherals.

Usually used for USB itself, often as an additional USB port. This is because the number of USB ports on a computer or laptop is limited.

Usually this USB hub has several ports, so you need to know the type of USB port. There is also USB Hub 3.0, USB Hub 4.0 and a USB Hub that has more than 10 ports.

You need to know how to choose a USB hub, because if you make the wrong choice, it’s definitely you who feel weak.

Tips for choosing the best USB

As this age progresses, more external devices are connected to laptops or computers.

Since your computer or laptop has limited ports, you should use the USB Hub port as a solution.

For ease of choosing the best USB hub, please follow the selection guide below:

1. Adjust on equipment

Usually supports some USB 3.0, USB 2.00 or other features for USB Hub. Each has a different transmission speed and power supply.

If you often transfer data at a larger size, it is recommended that you use USB 3.0.

This is considered more efficient than using USB 2.0. However, if you transfer more data in much smaller sizes, there is nothing wrong with using USB 2.0 0.

To use USB 2.0, you need an AC adapter to be able to connect to the device so that it does not take up much data.

2. Set the power supply method on the equipment

The next step to consider when choosing a USB hub is to set up the power supply method in the equipment used.

If the power supply used is not suitable, the USB device will certainly not work properly.

That is why before buying USB, you must first see and know the USB device.

3. Check the cable length, number of ports and type of design

USB is intentional because it aims to make things easier for users.

For convenience, it depends on the type of USB design required. To do this, you need to check the cable length and number of ports.

This is to adjust the usage so that it is not too troublesome for users.

The most recommended USB hub with price

There are several types of USB on the market and it is recommended for those of you who are planning to buy, but are confused about what type of USB is best for you.

Here are 4 USB hub tips that you can choose from, including:

1. NYK 4 USB port

This type of USB hub can transfer data stably up to 1 terabyte, which does not require an additional AC adapter when used. This will make your job easier and faster.

This USB is equipped with 4 ports in a USB product. You have to spend about 38,000 rupees to have this USB.

2. Orico 4 USB port

This USB Orico hub can transfer data at a speed of 5 Gbps. Due to its features, it has 4 USB ports and has a vertical type.

While for the side there is only one type. For the price offered in this USB hub port, the range is Rs 195,000. This type of USB port is suitable for Korean display lovers.

3. Ugreen USB Hub

The Ugreen USB hub has a different design compared to other USB hubs. This shape is rounder and is equipped with 4 USB ports at the top and outside.

This unique shape can make a person not get bored easily. This USB is priced at Rs 74,000.

4. Siyoteam H20

This type of USB is great for those of you who often send data fast. The Siyoteam H20 has a transfer rate of up to 480 Mbps.

This will make the job easier. It is very stylish in terms of design because there are only short cables. So that when storage is not too troublesome.

Currently, there are many manufacturers for USB on the market.

So whether you like it or not, you have to choose when choosing. The goal is for you to really find the best USB hub according to the benefits.

If it has good quality, of course it is better for its performance and it can last longer.

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