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Laptops, like smartphones that are carried everywhere, have become an important commodity for us. Sometimes he also needs electricity to make the battery last longer.

Therefore, you need a power bank. Laptop power banks usually have a battery capacity of up to 30,000 mAh. Not only this, with the help of 2 usb ports and 2 DC output ports.

Laptop Power Bank Benefits

Here are some benefits of having a laptop power bank.

1. Performing duties and jobs in any place

With a power bank for laptops, wherever you are, do not worry about plugs when doing work or tasks.

When the laptop battery is exhausted, just connect the laptop power bank to recharge the laptop battery. When the power bank is full, laptop batteries can be charged two to three times.

2. Light and cool laptop power bank

When you know the power bank of a laptop, you probably think it will be big and heavy, because its total capacity reaches 30,000 mAh.

However, this laptop power bank comes in a small, cool and light form. So when carrying it next to the laptop, it will not put a heavy burden on you.

3. Good material and large capacity

Laptop power bank is made of the highest quality materials, which is made of aluminum alloy material, which makes this power bank durable.

This aluminum alloy material, in addition to being certainly durable, makes the power bank more beautiful.

Its capacity is also high and reaches 30,000 mAh, so you do not have to worry about running out of charge.

4. Compatible for all devices

Laptop Power Bank

Not just a real laptop, this ultra-large power bank can be used for many devices as well.

Through this power bank, you can charge other electronic devices such as smartphones, PSPs, cameras or iPods.

The most important thing is that these devices have a port for connection via USB connection.

A laptop that can be charged with a power bank

Now that you know some of the benefits of a laptop power bank, you need to know which laptops support the laptop power bank.

Because not all laptops can be charged using the power bank. These laptops are commonly known as laptop power banks. Here are some of them:

– HP Specter X2

The first power bank is the HP Specter X2 laptop. This laptop has a 12-inch screen and 4 GB of RAM and uses an Intel Core M5-6Y54 processor.

The main advantage of this laptop is that it can be used as a tablet or laptop and can be charged using a power bank because it supports a C-type SUB connection.

– Razer Blade Stealth

The next series of Powerbank laptops includes the Razor Blade Stealth, which also supports USB-C for charging via the Power Bank.

This laptop has Gahar specifications that can swallow heavy tasks such as video editing to play the game.

The Razor Blade Stealth has 16GB of RAM and is powered by an Intel Core i7 processor. The screen size is 13.3 inches and its resolution is 3200 by 1800 pixels.

This laptop is also equipped with the latest Windows operating system, Windows 10.

– Google Pixel Book

Google has also released a sophisticated device called the Google Pixel Book. In addition to being a laptop, this device can also be turned into a tablet because you can rotate the screen 360 degrees, cool, right.

The Google Pixel Book, with its slim and lightweight design, also supports fast charging and charging via Powerbank because it has a Type-C USB data cable.

The Google Pixel Book is designed to be very sophisticated in its class.

This laptop with 8 GB of RAM is equipped with its 3.3 GHz processor and Chrome operating system designed by Google.

– Dell XPS 13

Dell XPS Laptop Power Bank 13

The next device known as a laptop power bank is the Dell XPS 13. With fast charging support, you can connect this laptop to the laptop power bank when it is finished charging.

However, the battery life of the Dell XPS 13 is quite powerful and reaches 15 hours when the battery is full.

Apart from that, the Dell XPS 13 has 8GB of DDR3 RAM and support for Intel Core i5 processor.

With a 13.3-inch screen and a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, this laptop currently uses the latest Windows operating system, Windows 10.

– Asus Zenbook 3

Finally, there is the Asus Zenbook 3, which supports laptop charging via a power bank.

When your Asus Zenbook 3 has run out of battery, you can use it, just plug it into your device’s USB-C port.

This Zenbook 3 laptop is a sophisticated laptop, one of the advantages of which is that this laptop is equipped with a fingerprint security system.

We have concluded the discussion of several discussions about laptop power banks. Technological advances are becoming more and more advanced, so at this time it is very possible to use power banks for laptops.

I hope it can add information for readers. Hello Action!

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