The best laptops under 12 inches 2021


Large screen size laptops are common. However, if you are one of those people who do not like very large screens, you can choose a laptop with a screen size of less than 12 inches below.

These laptops are also known as netbooks.

The best 12-inch laptop

1. ASUS Vivobook E203MAH

The best 12-inch Asus Vivobook E203MAH laptop

The Asus Vivobook E203MAH has an 11.6-inch widescreen display that works well.

This laptop or netbook is equipped with 2 or 4 GB of RAM (there are two options) and supports Intel Celeron N4000 processor.

Using these two weapons, you can use this laptop to perform various tasks such as typing, surfing the Internet, and so on.

For the price, you do not have to worry because it is quite affordable.

In several online stores in Indonesia, the ASUS Vivobook E203MAH is priced at 3 million rupees.

2. ACER Spin 1 Flip N3350

ACER Spin 1 Flip N3350

The ACER Spin 1 Flip N3350, similar to the Asus Vivobook above, has an 11.6-inch screen with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels.

In terms of kitchen band, Acer offers this product with 4 GB of RAM with the ability to upgrade to 8 GB and Intel Celeron N3350 processor power.

Depending on the price, you can get this laptop for 5 million rupees.

With such specifications, the multitasking capability of this laptop is very good and can support your various activities and tasks.

3. EliteWin S11K Ventures

Venturer EliteWin S11K

The 11.6-inch Venturer EliteWin S11K is one of the best 12-inch laptops.

Elite Win S11K has 4 GB of RAM and is supported by Intel Atom Z8350 processor and Intel HD Graphics processor.

Another advantage is that there is a screen that supports the touch screen alias. Thin 12-inch laptop with high specifications Here

The best 11-inch laptop

1. HP Stream 11

HP Stream 11

For more discussion, let’s look at laptops with a smaller size of 11 inches.

In the first list, there is HP Stream 11, which is suitable for you to carry everywhere because it is not too big.

In appearance, the HP Stream 11 has a unique blue color. HP Stream 11 can help you get things done.

2. Dell Inspiron 11

Dell Inspiron 11

The next in a series of 11-inch laptops is the Dell Inspiron 11, which has an attractive and simple design.

The Dell Inspiron, with its not-too-large 11-inch screen, really supports the mobility you like to move around while carrying work.

With 4GB of RAM and Windows 10 operating system and Intel Dual Core N3060 processor, this laptop is priced at around 3.5 million IDR.

3. ASUS Transformer Flip TP200SA

ASUS Transformer Flip TP200SA

Next is the ASUS Flip TP200SA transformer. Just by name, we know that this laptop has the ability to rotate or fold.

Not only that, the screen of this laptop also supports touch screen or touch screen.

Asus Transformer Flip TP200SA has 4 GB of RAM with support for Intel DualCore N3060 processor and 32 GB of HDD memory.

The best 10-inch laptops

1. Acer Switch One

Acer laptop switches 10 inches

By switching back to a smaller, 10-inch laptop, there is the Acer Switch One.

This laptop has the advantage that it can be detached from the keyboard to become a tablet that is easily carried everywhere.

This small size helps you with various tasks such as meetings, organizing or scheduling.

Although small, the Acer Switch One kitchen band can not be underestimated.

It has 2 GB of RAM and is equipped with an Intel QuadCore X5-ZB350 processor with Intel HD VGA.

2. Acer Spire 10 volt switch

Acer Spire 10 volt switch

There is also Acer Aspire 10V Switch from Acer, which has a 10-inch screen and can be used as a tablet.

Acer is one of the best laptop brands that offers products that meet the needs of the people.

The difference between Acer Switch One and its specifications. This Acer Aspire Switch 10V has 4 GB of DDR3L RAM and is powered by an Intel Atom X5-Z8350 processor.

The 10-inch screen uses IPS technology with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels.

3. Microsoft Surface Go

Microsoft Surface Go

Microsoft also introduced a small laptop with a screen size of only 10 inches, which is very attractive and beautiful appearance, called Microsoft Surface Go.

One of the best laptops in its class, despite its small size, it has powerful specifications, namely 8 GB of RAM and an Intel Premium Gold 4415Y processor and 128 GB of internal memory.

We have discussed some of the best 12-inch or screen-size laptops below one by one.

We hope it can be helpful in determining your choice to buy a laptop or netbook.

Here are some tips for the best 12-inch laptops in 2021. Laptops that are not too big are increasingly in demand because they are considered more practical and lighter to carry everywhere.

Greetings to you and your esteemed family, I hope you are always healthy. Thank you.

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