How to Overcome a Slow Laptop in Windows 7 and 10

  One of the problems that often occurs with laptop users is that there are often delays or slowness. Although this is the most common problem, it can disrupt the work of its users. To do this, then you need to know how to easily and quickly deal with a slow laptop. There are many […]

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Tips for choosing the best antivirus for your laptop

  Antivirus is software that can be used to protect your computer and laptop against a variety of harmful viruses. The best type of antivirus for a laptop certainly has a lightweight memory that is effective as well as strong in protecting the laptop or computer from viruses. Antivirus function is to detect, remove virus […]

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Simple! How to install Windows 7

  To the average person, installing an operating system such as Windows can be daunting and difficult. In fact, you can easily follow how to install Windows 7 through various tutorials scattered on the Internet. Therefore, currently installing such an operating system does not require a high level of knowledge of computer technology. How to […]

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How to activate Office 2016 without any hassle

  Microsoft Office is one of the most widely used Microsoft products and is now the cornerstone of almost everyone’s PC performance. This product is available under the name Microsoft Office 2016 and has several new features and security improvements. However, its features and characteristics cannot be enjoyed until it is activated. So, let’s talk […]

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️ [EASY] How to view the address of Mac laptop and Android

Main Page ” Laptop ” How to view the Mac Laptop address October 1, 2021 2 minutes study MAC Address stands for Media Access Control on a personal computer or laptop, the identity or address of a device (physical address) to communicate or connect to a network. Usually the MAC address has a 12-digit number […]

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3+ easy ways to clean virus on laptop

Main Page ” Laptop ” How to clean the virus on the laptop October 2, 2021 2 minutes study Viruses or malware in laptops always cause their own problems for the performance of the laptop you are using. Viruses or malware can not only damage your system, but also make your laptop run heavier and […]

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The best wireless keyboard tips

  With the advancement of technology and information, of course, it affects the various devices that you usually use. One of the effects of this development is the elimination of the use of cables on various hardware such as keyboards. With the many benefits that this wireless keyboard will bring, keyboard use has begun to […]

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Easy way to format flash disk

  In many cases, you need the owner of the flash to format. While flash formatting can be very easy, as long as you know how to do it. In some cases, Flash is sometimes formatted to protect writing. Given that the flash plays a very important role, then if this happens, of course it […]

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How to easily make a bootable flash drive

  When installing Windows, do flash bootable, because this method is very safe. But first you need to know how to make a bootable flash drive. This bootloader uses a flash drive, so it can reduce the presence of corrupted files. Steps to make a bootable Windows flash drive There are several ways to make […]

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Easy! 5 Ways to Shut Down Windows 10 Antivirus

Main Page ” Laptop ” How to disable Windows 10 Antivirus September 30, 2021 2 minutes study Windows 10 has its own protection or protection for its users by providing antivirus features in the form of Windows Defender. This default antivirus is actually the same as other antivirus on the market. However, sometimes we have […]

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