√ 5+ Laptop i5 Murah Rekomended 2021

Processor Intel Core i5 dikenal sebagai processor yang memiliki performa cepat dan stabil. Oleh karena itu tak heran banyak orang yang menginginkan laptop dengan spek tersebut. Anda pengguna laptop ingin mencari Laptop berprocessor Intel Core i5 atau i5 dengan harga murah, pasti tersedia di pasaran. Berikut ini beberapa laptop i5 murah rekomendasi dari kami pada […]

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5 best brands of bluetooth printers

  A printer is a part of a computer device that has the function of printing files from a computer. Of course, the technological developments that are taking place today also affect the printer. One of the advantages of a very important printer is the existence of a new type of printer called a Bluetooth […]

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How to use the Samsung wireless charger

As you know, Samsung is one of the best smartphone manufacturers right now. Of course, Samsung is always making improvements to all of its products to meet the needs of its users. One result of this development is the existence of a new device called the Samsung Wireless Charger. As the name implies, the wireless […]

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Advantages of OTG Flash Drive Compared to Conventional Flash Drive

You will now find USB OTG features that allow you to transfer data directly from a flash drive without using a computer. This OTG flash drive is more convenient for users because it is considered to save a lot more time and space during data transfer. For those of you who work often and deal […]

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4 tips for choosing the best wireless mouse

  Wireless mice are more popular than wired mice. Using this type of mouse is much easier and more practical. This type of wireless mouse can be connected to a computer device using a small transceiver. There are several types of wireless mouse on the market right now, so it will not be difficult for […]

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How to download Windows 10 and its supported programs

Main Page ” Laptop ” How to download Windows 10 October 6, 2021 2 minutes study Windows is the operating system currently used by many brands of laptops or PCs. Of course, this is due to the various features that it can support almost all jobs that require a computer. If you want to use […]

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5 causes of laptop screen stripes and its solution [SOLVED]

Main Page ” Laptop ” Laptop corrugated screen 27 September 2021 2 minutes reading Laptops are one of the most sought after items in the modern world. However, all man-made objects, including laptops, will continue to be damaged for a period of time. One of the problems that most laptop users face is the striped […]

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List of 2 million to 10 million laptop brands

Main Page ” Laptop ” 2 million laptops October 10, 2021 2 minutes study A laptop is a device that is needed at this time. In addition to being a replacement for using a computer, this laptop is flexible and easy to carry anywhere. If you want to buy a laptop but do not know […]

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How to turn off the laptop and other basic things

Main Page ” Laptop ” How to turn off the laptop 12 October 2021 2 minutes study In this age of technology, laptops are one of the required hardware. With this laptop, you can feel the use of PC or PC in a way that is more flexible and easier to carry anywhere. If you […]

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5 ways to speed up the performance of a Windows 7 laptop

Have you ever experienced a slow laptop? It’s very annoying when playing, when doing homework or work, and it feels annoying, right? Here are some ways to speed up the performance of your Windows 7 laptop, including: Turn off desktop widgets Windows 7 laptops are lightweight and compatible. Therefore, you must maintain it. An example […]

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