5+ Lenovo Core I5 ​​laptops recommended in 2021

Lenovo is one of the brands known for its innovations in Indonesia. One of the factors is that it uses a core i5 processor that has strong performance. The Core i5 is a fifth-generation processor that currently has a variety of features such as graphics, brightness, sharpness, detail and security, and several other technologies that […]

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Dell Core I5 ​​laptop

Main Page ” Laptop ” Dell Core I5. Laptop April 22, 2022 2 minutes study From time immemorial, Dell laptops have really been on the list of the best laptop manufacturers, because there are many different types of laptop products with high quality, superb specifications and relatively more affordable than their price. One of them […]

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5 million Core i5 gaming laptop performance. The best i7 8GB RAM

The uncontrolled hunting of gaming laptops has prompted CPU brands to offer a variety of improvements, especially in terms of performance. 5 million gaming laptops are actually less convincing. What a cheap price you can get a quality and durable gaming laptop. In fact, there is no need to worry because with only 5 million […]

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