Easy way to format flash disk

  In many cases, you need the owner of the flash to format. While flash formatting can be very easy, as long as you know how to do it. In some cases, Flash is sometimes formatted to protect writing. Given that the flash plays a very important role, then if this happens, of course it […]

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How to easily make a bootable flash drive

  When installing Windows, do flash bootable, because this method is very safe. But first you need to know how to make a bootable flash drive. This bootloader uses a flash drive, so it can reduce the presence of corrupted files. Steps to make a bootable Windows flash drive There are several ways to make […]

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Advantages of OTG Flash Drive Compared to Conventional Flash Drive

You will now find USB OTG features that allow you to transfer data directly from a flash drive without using a computer. This OTG flash drive is more convenient for users because it is considered to save a lot more time and space during data transfer. For those of you who work often and deal […]

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Tips to choose when buying 8, 16, 64, 128 GB flash drives

Main Page ” Laptop ” 64 GB flash drive April 24, 2022 2 minutes reading Flashdisk is a tool used to store data externally that connects via a USB port. For storage formats, you can use a variety of data formats and have much more storage capacity. There are many choices of flash disk capacities, […]

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