Important! How to increase laptop RAM and its effects

Main Page ” Laptop ” How to increase laptop RAM and its effects 12 April 2022 2 minutes reading The use of personal computers or laptops is now on the rise because of the important role that laptops can be used for different needs such as workers or just gaming. In fact, it is not […]

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3 simple ways to view laptop specifications. Typing and RAM

Main Page ” Laptop ” How to view the specifications of the laptop 21 April 2022 2 minutes study How to view the specifications of the laptop can be done in a very easy way. But unfortunately, there are some people who do not seem to know the details of viewing the specifications of their […]

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8GB RAM brand and how to increase RAM

Main Page ” Laptop ” Laptop RAM 8 GB 19 September 2021 2 minutes study Currently, laptops are one of the mandatory electronic devices. Whether for students, office staff as well as students. Well, one of the most important and always used parts when buying a laptop is the type and amount of RAM used. […]

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5 million Core i5 gaming laptop performance. The best i7 8GB RAM

The uncontrolled hunting of gaming laptops has prompted CPU brands to offer a variety of improvements, especially in terms of performance. 5 million gaming laptops are actually less convincing. What a cheap price you can get a quality and durable gaming laptop. In fact, there is no need to worry because with only 5 million […]

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