How to remove Windows 10, 8 and 7 desktop

  Understand how desktops work remotely Remote Desktop Connection, or RDC for short, is a feature provided on a PC or Windows laptop that allows you to connect to a remote device as if the user were sitting in front of the device. RDC works in a very simple way by opening port 3389. The […]

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powerful! 2 ways to remove virus shortcut on PC and laptop

  Viruses are one of the things that PC or laptop users do not really like. For PC or laptop users, this virus is something that needs to be eradicated. In fact, different types of viruses are currently circulating. One of the most annoying types of viruses is the shortcut virus. It can be said […]

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Easy! How to remove the virus in Flashdisk

Main Page ” Laptop ” How to remove the virus in Flashdisk 12 April 2022 2 minutes study The types of viruses that appear on Flash are actually very diverse, including shortcut viruses, malware, and so on. The emergence of these different viruses can damage the performance or even the flash operating system, for this […]

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powerful! How to delete applications on a laptop that are difficult to remove

Main Page ” Laptop ” How to delete apps on laptop 18 September 2021 2 minutes study One of the most important components in using a laptop is an application or software. Laptop applications usually depend on the type of activities that are often performed by laptop users. If you are a designer, it is […]

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