Causes of completely dead laptop and its solution [SOLVED]

Main Page ” Laptop ” The laptop is completely dead 5 October 2021 2 minutes study It can be said that a laptop is an essential tool, especially for you who work as an employee and a student. Of course, you often encounter problems in using this laptop, one of which is a completely dead […]

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5 causes of laptop screen stripes and its solution [SOLVED]

Main Page ” Laptop ” Laptop corrugated screen 27 September 2021 2 minutes reading Laptops are one of the most sought after items in the modern world. However, all man-made objects, including laptops, will continue to be damaged for a period of time. One of the problems that most laptop users face is the striped […]

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5+ ways to overcome the rapid heat of the laptop [SOLVED]

Laptop heat is a nuisance that we often experience as a laptop owner. So, before you know how to deal with a hot laptop, you must first know the cause of the laptop overheating Reasons why laptops heat up so fast آ. Long-term use of the laptop Prolonged use of the laptop can heat the […]

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