Understand the features of a damaged laptop Power IC and ways to prevent it

  The term IC Power laptop may still sound strange to many people. What is a laptop power IC? Please note that IC stands for Integrated Circuit. Therefore, a laptop power IC is an integrated circuit or bridge that connects the laptop and the power supply. Power IC function is power control with a certain […]

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5+ easy ways to view laptop IP

  What is the IP address of the laptop? Before continuing to discuss how to view a laptop’s IP, we first need to know what an IP address is. An IP address (Internet Protocol address) is a row of numbers between 32 bits and 128 bits, which is the identifying address of any PC or […]

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5 Ways to Overcome a Laptop Drop (Effective)

  How to repair a laptop hangs when it is just turned on Often when you turn on the laptop, when it enters Windows, the laptop suddenly hangs. A laptop that hangs when just turned on can be created for a variety of reasons, including: Windows system has problems, for example, there is a missing […]

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3+ easy ways to clean virus on laptop

Main Page ” Laptop ” How to clean the virus on the laptop October 2, 2021 2 minutes study Viruses or malware in laptops always cause their own problems for the performance of the laptop you are using. Viruses or malware can not only damage your system, but also make your laptop run heavier and […]

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Easy! 5 Ways to Shut Down Windows 10 Antivirus

Main Page ” Laptop ” How to disable Windows 10 Antivirus September 30, 2021 2 minutes study Windows 10 has its own protection or protection for its users by providing antivirus features in the form of Windows Defender. This default antivirus is actually the same as other antivirus on the market. However, sometimes we have […]

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5 ways to speed up the performance of a Windows 7 laptop

Have you ever experienced a slow laptop? It’s very annoying when playing, when doing homework or work, and it feels annoying, right? Here are some ways to speed up the performance of your Windows 7 laptop, including: Turn off desktop widgets Windows 7 laptops are lightweight and compatible. Therefore, you must maintain it. An example […]

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powerful! 2 ways to remove virus shortcut on PC and laptop

  Viruses are one of the things that PC or laptop users do not really like. For PC or laptop users, this virus is something that needs to be eradicated. In fact, different types of viruses are currently circulating. One of the most annoying types of viruses is the shortcut virus. It can be said […]

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5 ways to view the Windows 10 product key

Main Page ” Laptop ” How to view the Windows 10 product key 13 October 2021 2 minutes reading Sometimes you need a product key in Windows 10 that you use for different purposes. However, this product can not be accessed exactly like this because it is one of the computer identities. For that, you […]

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5+ ways to overcome the rapid heat of the laptop [SOLVED]

Laptop heat is a nuisance that we often experience as a laptop owner. So, before you know how to deal with a hot laptop, you must first know the cause of the laptop overheating Reasons why laptops heat up so fast آ. Long-term use of the laptop Prolonged use of the laptop can heat the […]

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Easy ways to activate Windows 10/7 and Lenovo laptop camera

Main Page ” Laptop ” How to activate the laptop camera 23 October 2021 2 minutes study How to enable Windows 10 laptop camera Activating a laptop camera in Windows 10 actually requires only two steps, namely installing the laptop camera driver and opening the camera application on the laptop. Follow these steps for more […]

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