[Work] Causes and how to repair a broken laptop keyboard

Main Page ” Laptop ” How to repair a laptop keyboard 22 September 2021 2 minutes study Almost everyone, especially those who work as office workers, students, as well as students, have a laptop as an infrastructure to perform their duties. However, there are many problems that often occur in these laptops, such as keyboard […]

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Work How to Solve Windows Script Host Disabled

Main Page ” Laptop ” Access to Windows script host is disabled 12 April 2022 2 minutes reading WSH or Windows Script Host is a built-in feature of Microsoft that is used to implement on computers such as VB and Java. When WSH is off or disabled, the computer may display a message saying that […]

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Work out how to capture the laptop screen

Main Page ” Laptop ” How to capture a laptop screen 13 April 2022 2 minutes study One of the most commonly done activities by content creators, such as YouTubers, is to capture the screen of a computer or laptop while making instructional videos or while playing games. This method of capturing a laptop screen […]

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